10 What If’s for Valentines Day


What if: love was effortless?

What if:  love came with no strings attached?

What if: Valentine’s Day was everyday?

What if:  love was unconditional, always?

What if:  love was easy to find?


What if:  love does mean never having to say you’re sorry?

What if: the words “love thy neighbor” were literal and not figurative?

What if:  love really did make the world go around?

What if: the words “I love you” were always spoken truthfully?

What if:  all your dreams came true?

10 What If’s for Thanksgiving

What if:  We were all thankful for what we have?


What if: Every family had enough?


What if: Those in need were taken care of?


What if: Charity was a part of everyday life?


What if: Every harvest was bountiful?


What if: Pumpkin pie wasn’t seasonal?


What if: Football and Thanksgiving weren’t inextricably linked?


What if: The fourth Friday of November was a day of rest instead of a shopping frenzy?


What if: We could watch old TV rerun marathons and eat turkey any time?


What if: We remembered to be thankful all year long?

What if:  Why not? 

Happy Thanksgiving from the Vintage Unscripted team:
Dot, JD, Laurie, Linda, Mary Ellen, Pam and Tina

10 What if’s from Mother Nature

What If: the daily forecast was warm and sunny everyday?

What If: it rained just enough for the flowers and trees to grow?

What If: the breeze was always just right for sailing?


What If: the ocean waves were always “Hang Ten” worthy?


What If: the mountains maintained the perfect fresh powder for skiing?

What If: lakes and rivers remained full and teemed with life?


What If: deserts were always in full bloom?


What If: forests constantly renewed themselves?

What If: natural disasters only happened in uninhabited areas of the world?

What If: we all took time to love and maintain our planet?


10 What If’s for Summer


What If: You tried a new BBQ recipe to celebrate Summer?

What If: You invited the neighbors over to watch the fireflies?

What If: You decorated those new flip flops you bought with flowers and glitter?

What If: The family dined on the patio by candlelight tonight?

What If: You took a walk this evening and counted the stars?

What If: You had an ice cream social outside on the porch?

What If: This year’s bathing suit was a size smaller than last year?

What If: You learned a new swim stroke this Summer?

What If: The adults camped out in the yard this Summer instead of the kids?

What If: Summer vacation lasted all year long?


10 What If’s for Mom


What If: You called your Mom, just to say I love you?

What If: You surprised Mom by doing her least favorite chore? Like laundry, or dusting?

What If: You created a montage of family photos and presented it to Mom?

What If: You made Mom a “mixtape” of her favorite songs?

What If: You planted Mom’s favorite flowers in her garden?

What If: You tucked a little note in her lunch, like she used to do when you were a kid?

What If: You made that special recipe for her you keep talking about?

What If: You took Mom on the trip of a lifetime?

What If: You watched the sunset together?

What If: You said “thanks for being my Mom”?

10 What If’s for Spring


What if: All the spring flowers bloomed at once, and spring lasted all year long?

What if: You picked a handful of spring flowers and made a crown?

What if: You gathered a basket of dandelion greens and included them in dinner?

What if: You made a trip to the zoo to visit all the new animal babies?

What if: You hosted a neighborhood spring get together?

What if: You volunteered to plant flowers at the local community garden?

What if: You adopted an honorary grandparent from your local senior center?

What if: Rather than buying eggs at the grocery, you started a chicken coop in the yard?

What if: You surprised a co-worker with spring flowers for their desk?

What if: Instead of spring cleaning you did a spring refresh of your home?

10 What If’s


What If: You took an old friend to lunch, just because.

What If: You let the kids jump in the puddles on the way home from school.

What If: Slippers and pyjamas were the outfit of the day.

What If: The collection you’ve been hoarding became center stage decor.

What If: You used Mom’s good china and linens for Sunday Brunch at home.

What If: You photographed only smiles for one day.

What If: Everyone you met today became a friend.

What If: You bought nothing new for a month.

What If: You finished knitting the blanket you started in high school.

What If: You did one thing your mom would be proud of today.

What If: Why not?

10 Vintage What Ifs

What if: You served ice cold lemonade on your patio using a vintage hobnail pitcher and set of glasses. 

Hobnail Set from HavenVintage


What if: You wore a different vintage apron each day of the week while making dinner. 



What if: You found that perfect pair of 1940s aviator glasses and wore them all year long. 



What if: You used that old farm bell to call your kids in for dinner.


What if: You spent the day taking photos of your family using a Polaroid camera from the 1960s.

What if: You typed letters to your friends and family on a 1920s typewriter, and then actually mailed them.

What if: You wore a rhinestone brooch (or three) on your every-day clothes.1-DSC08204


What if: You invited friends and neighbors over for a vintage cocktail party, using vintage barware of course.  



What if:  You used a set of vintage floral sheets and turned them into pillow covers.  



What if: You strapped on a pair of 1950s roller skates and took them out for a roll.RollerSkates


What If…..

10 What If’s

What if: You spent your vacation learning a new skill?construction-work-carpenter-tools

What if: You planted an herb garden on your windowsill?

A bit of morning freshness

What if: You said yes to everything today?sea-beach-holiday-vacation

What if: Dinner tonight was a picnic in the park?pexels-photo

What if: You wrote a letter to a distant loved one, just to let them know you care?letters-637196_1920

What if: You brought flowers to your neighbor, just because?light-arm-love-flowers

What if: You baked a batch of cookies for the local Fire Station/Police Station?pexels-photo-89690

What if: You got to know your local county representative personally?pexels-photo-70292

What if: You donated to your local library?pexels-photo

What if: You unplugged, just for a day?pexels-photo-59628

10 What If’s

What If: You spread your favorite quilt out on the lawn, and spent a couple of hours watching the clouds drift by with your kids?

Picnic by Mrs Brown

What IfYou painted the ceiling with blue sky and clouds?

Cumulus clouds - Sam Schooler - Unsplash.com

What IfYou spent the day flying a kite in the clouds?

Kite - Chris Lawton

What IfThe clouds became characters in a story about love and fantasy and a castle in the sky?

Castle - Thomas Kelly

What IfYou closed your eyes for just a moment and believed you could float on a cloud?

What if - Matthias Zoren

What IfYou spent a warm summer night sleeping under the stars and clouds?

Photo by NASA

What IfYou could harness the rain from the clouds in just the right dose to make your garden bloom all year?

Garden - Stephanie Krist

What IfThe sky were your playground and you could hop from cloud to cloud and star to star?

What if

What IfYou made a cup of tea and just sat watching the night sky and contemplating life?

Moon - Anders Jildén

What IfYou could capture the essence of a cloud and keep it in a jar on the windowsill?

Clouds in hand - Lionel Abrial

What If: Why not?