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Graduation gift ideas with vintage flair

graduation gift ideas

You want your graduation gift to be memorable. You want it to be the kind of thing that will let the graduate know that you congratulate their accomplishments to date and wish them more to come in the future. You want it to reflect the personality of the graduate. And you want it to be useful. It’s also good for it to be honest and true. There’s one kind of gift that fits all those descriptions–a vintage gift.

We know, we know…grads definitely appreciate gift cards and checks.  But a gift card or a check doesn’t pack much personality. But it does if it’s tucked in with something vintage!

Here are our Vintage Unscripted ideas for graduation gifts with vintage flair:

vintage graduation gift book

Find a great vintage book that relates to their interests or college major–tuck a gift card inside and tie it up with a bow for a gift that will stand out from the crowd.

vintage graduation gift suitcase

Your grad may be ready to take on the world, but they still need a place to store their stuff. Vintage suitcases are the perfect gift–storage with way more personality than a plastic bin so they can stow their gear in plain sight!

vintage grad gift tools

Give them some useful history. A starter set of tried and true tools from your workbench will come in handy and they’ll always remember it came from someone special.

vintage grad gift tins

Use a vintage tin to stash a few first aid essentials, some office supplies or even some photos from home.

vintage grad office supplies

Speaking of vintage office supplies, how about a vintage tape dispenser or a stapler made back in the day when office supplies lasted a lifetime or two.

vintage grad gift sewing

Many vintage evening bags aren’t big enough to hold a cell phone. Sigh. But they are just the right size for a sewing kit. A couple spools of thread, some safety pins, needles, a small pair of scissors and maybe a few buttons can fix just about any wardrobe malfunction.

vintage grad gift games

Or how about a favorite game? The classics never go out of style!

Feeling inspired? No time like the present to buy vintage for your grad:

M is for the Many things

daisy heart for mother's day

An Old fashiOnEd sOng for a thOROughly MOdERn MOM with a TasTE for vinTagE!

Mother will love this very sweet and sentimental pin.
This Open cage fan is very cOOl in mOre ways than One.



Take her breaTh away with this sTerling Tribal necklace.


Help Her organize some of Her favorite books on a sHelf with tHese.



SpEll out your lovE for hEr


CaptuRe heR heaRt with this HeRmes Silk ScaRf by Rybal.


Vintage Valentine gifts to make the heart pop!

heart graffiti

When Nick Lowe played it with Rockpile in the late 1970s, it was pure power pop. When he plays it now, it’s a little slower with a soupçon of a reggae beat. No matter how he says it, the lyrics to Heart still capture that weak at the knees feeling of new love.

Heart, why are you pounding
Like a hammer
Heart, why are you beating like a drum
Heart, why do you make
Such a commotion
When I’m waiting for my baby to come

Candy is dandy. And always a popular choice. But to make your valentine’s heart beat like a drum, add a little special vintage something. 

vintage valentine gifts

1 LOVE letters, assorted styles, sizes, colors, materials from

2 Goebel skye terriers from

3 Apple juice Prystal bakelite necklace from

4 Dietz Victor electric lantern from

5 Victorian tin marriage button from

6 Howard Holt ponytail angel candle hugger from Aunt Hatties Attic on Etsy.

7 Adolfo for Saks Fifth Ave felt hat and hatbox from 1006Osage on Etsy.

8 Melted plastic popcorn Cupid from



Gifts For Her Cottage Table

We know everyone doesn’t own a lakeside cottage, but does that mean you can’t set your table as though you do?
A few lovely offerings we found for the lady on your gift list who dreams of living in a cottage:

Every so often, go where you can hear a wooden screen door slam shut.

15 Gift Ideas for the Photographer


A click of the shutter,
a crank of the film,
and you’ve caught forever a significant bit of life. ~Willis Peterson


  1. Vintage Photo Album with Photos (ThirdShift) -An album filled with vintage photos is always a conversation piece.
  2. Vintage Cabinet Card (ThirdShift) – Old cabinet cards make great display pieces, perfect for a mantle. 
  3. Vintage Camera (ThirdShift) – Of course, a vintage camera in working condition is a must have for any photographer.
  4. Vintage Camera (GirlPickers) – The stylish look of an old camera makes for a great display.
  5. Camera Tripod (CopperandTin) – Don’t forget the tripod to display those vintage cameras.
  6. Adventures in Outdoor Color Slides (AtticAndBarnTwo) – A book of slides is sure to bring a smile!
  7. Antique Group Photo (AuntHattiesAttic) – So many ways to use or display old photos like this one.
  8. Camera Pillow (InTheSeam) – A bunch of camera pillows is sure to be a favorite gift.
  9. Photo Album Charm (SterlingRevival) – Tuck those precious photos away into a photo album charm.
  10. Antique Camera Lighter (NorthernElectric) – Even if you don’t smoke, a camera lighter is so cool!
  11. Accordion Book Locket (TheHiddenChamber) – For your most treasured photos.
  12. Slide Viewer (ObjectsToCrave) – A perfect piece to view slides before you show them to guests.
  13. Seneca Camera Ad (Phunctum) – A unique gift for anyone who loves vintage cameras.
  14. Folding Camera (Carpebellus) – Whether used for taking photos or for display, a folding camera is delightful!
  15. Metal Print Easel (ThirdShift) – Display your most favorite photos in an easel, used as a frame.


Give the photographer on your gift list a gift they will remember forever.

Give the Gift of Experience

We all know at least one person who is hard to buy for. Instead of trying to find the perfect item, give them the gift of an experience they will really appreciate.  Start with these items from the Vintage Unscripted shops and create an experience they will never forget.

Fill the spice container with spices and spend the day teaching someone how to make a favorite old recipe. 

Antique spice container and tins from Selective Salvage

Teach a child how to string vintage beads into beautiful jewelry.

Vintage Hand Rolled Paper Beads from Recent History Vintage

Plan a weekend getaway with your honey or best friend.

1962 Washington DC visitor guide from Attic and Barn Two

Spend an afternoon playing poker with a group of good friends.

Vintage Poker Chips from Girl Pickers

Organize a game night with vintage games.

Vintage ALEE-OOP game from Aunt Hatties Attic

Plan a day to dig through old photos and create a memory book.

Vintage Photo Album from Third Shift Vintage

Regifting 101: what goes around comes around

wrapping a gift

gift being wrapped

What are the first words that pop into your head when you hear the word “regifting?” Your word associations might be opposites. Cheapskate or Pennywise. Lazy or Pragmatic. Thoughtless or Thoughtful. Stealthy or Savvy. All those words can apply. Regifting is either an awesome do or a deeply regrettable don’t depending on how it’s executed. 

There are zero things wrong with regifting. But consider these as regifting ground rules: 1) You do not need to keep every gift you’re ever given. You need to accept it graciously and genuinely at the time it is given. But you are under no requirement to keep it if forever if it is not something that fits into your life, unless…2) the giver has an emotional investment in the gift and will be deeply wounded if they don’t see it when they come to visit, or…3) it’s something extravagant like a new car or a villa in France that would involve accountants and lawyers.

burning candle
A candle that’s been burned is a great hand-me-down, but as a regift, not so much.

Regifting basics

  • If you’ve used it and it’s obvious you’ve used it, it’s not a gift, it’s a hand-me-down. It might still be nice to pass it along, but you might want to reconsider sticking a bow on it and pretending that it’s new when everyone can tell it’s not.
  • Make sure it’s not personalized in any way. Look for inside notes, inscriptions inside books, tos and froms on gift tags. Exception: If it is a gift you received from someone with a note that will be meaningful to the person you are regifting it to, the note should be considered part of the gift.
  • It should be something that the recipient will actually enjoy receiving. 
  • It should not be outdated from a usability standpoint. Examples: Something electronic that’s been hanging around so long the battery is no longer charged. A VHS movie, even if it’s still in the plastic. A copy of Windows 98 for Dummies.
  • If you’re not sure who you got it from in the first place, don’t regift it unless you are willing to risk accidentally giving it back to whomever you got it from. 
gift wrapping
Successful regifting will likely include rewrapping.

Level 1 Regifting

Just the basics, regifting at it’s most simple level.

  • Personalize the gift. Add an note so it feels specially selected for the person who received it, because even if you selected it in your unwanted gift stash, you did select it just for them. Wrap it so the note is obvious so the recipient will not inadvertently commit a regifting fail if they decide to regift your regift.
  • Rewrap it. Old crumpled tissue in a gift bag is a regifting tell.
  • Embrace honesty. If you’re afraid to admit it’s a regift, your conscience will thank you if you don’t follow through and regift it.
cookie plate
A vintage platter with cookies is a lovely regift.

Level 2 Regifting

A higher level of regifting, giving things forward.

  • Give something that you’ve used and loved but no longer need. Pass along a great old toboggan to a younger family that will get years of enjoyment from it. A regift this warmly given definitely is bow-worthy.
  • Give a gift inside a bonus regift. Package something homemade on a splendid serving platter you no longer use. Plant a new amaryllis bulb in an nice used flower pot. 
  • Make it a value added regift. Add stamps to a box of stationery. Wrap a well-loved game or puzzle with snacks to give a fun night in. Add new candles to a pair of candlesticks.
  • Add to someone’s collection. If you know someone has a passion for cookbooks, pass one along, perhaps with special bottle of extract or spices.
  • Delight a hobbyist. Wrap up an assortment of fabrics from your stash for a quilter. Tie up an trusty lure or three for a fisherman. Pass on your canning jars with a box of fresh new seals and maybe your favorite jam recipe.
A book you love makes an excellent Level 3 regift.

Level 3 Regifting

 Think of this as a rarified level of regifting, giving things you have used that have meaning for you and will have meaning for the recipient. And although giving these gifts with an oral history is lovely, a written history is absolutely essential so the meaning is preserved.

  • Pass along your tools of the trade. Make up a basic tool box with hand tools that anyone would find useful. Wrap up specialty kitchen items like a madeline pan or a hand crank pasta maker with the recipes that you used.
  • Give forward a gift you received and loved. Wedding gifts you received, like silver and crystal are entirely wonderful to gift forward. Jewelry you received on a special occasion or from a special person. A desk box or valet box with your monogram that you used and that can be used forward. 
  • A book you have enjoyed so much you’ve gone back to read it multiple times is a great addition to the library of someone else who might find the same joy.


There is no rule that says a gift needs to come from a store. We know this is true because the Grinch* says it is, and his heart grew three sizes when he learned it. Regifting can be an art. It’s an exercise either in successful repackaging or in adding meaning to something that isn’t store fresh. The measure of a gift is not what it cost, it’s the thought that went into it.

If you’re on the receiving end of a regift and you can tell it’s a regift, repeat after me: it really is the thought that counts. You accepting that regift gracefully might just be the nicest thing the regifter receives the whole holiday season.

*Okay, for the Grinch purists. We acknowledge that Dr. Seuss quotes the Grinch thinking “ What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!” So yes, a further meaning was extrapolated based on the existing data. We stand by the reference.




Gifts For The Do-It-Yourselfer

Looking for something special for the guy or gal on your gift list who likes to take matters into their own hands?
Check out these unusual offerings from the Vintage Unscripted team:

“Those who cannot think outside the box are easily contained.” — Nicolas Manneta

Gifts For A Fashionista

“Jewelry? Oh honey, you shouldn’t have. I have too much already”….said no woman ever.
 A gift of vintage jewelry and a special box to keep it in is sure to delight the fashionista on your gift list .

Jewelry is like ice cream. There’s always room for more.