7 Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life

To Him With Love


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Cheerful & Bright For the Longest Night

The longest night is coming! In times long passed, fires were lit to push back the darkness. I’ve assembled some great candlesticks and candle climbers for you to enjoy. I hope your darkest night of the year is filled with warmth, light and cheer!


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7 Gift Ideas For A Vintage Loving Friend

Vintage Inspiration


12 Gift Ideas For Animal Lovers


“Animal lovers are a special breed of humans, generous of spirit, full of empathy, perhaps a little prone to sentimentality, and with hearts as big as a cloudless sky.”  –  John Grogan  


You can find these animal lover inspired gifts at the shops listed below.  

  1. Vintage Elephant Statue – CalloohCallay
  2. Vintage Giraffe Statue – OceansideCastle
  3. Vintage Dog Nodder – Next Stage Vintage
  4. Vintage Horse Pottery – Attic and Barn Treasures
  5. Vintage Monkey Tray – Third Shift Vintage
  6. Vintage Jungle Necklace – Vintage Renude
  7. Vintage Antelope Bookends – SophisticatedFlorida
  8. Vintage Squirrel Nutcracker – dstefanTreasures
  9. Vintage Deer Vase – Aunt Hatties Attic Vintage
  10. Vintage Owl Decoy – Selective Salvage
  11. Vintage Brass Rabbits – BoulderBlueStudio
  12. Vintage Brass Deer – GirlPickers

Gifts that any animal lover on your list will adore!

Celebrate The Season – Vintage Style


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15 Gift Ideas for the Crazy Cat Lady

“You know you are a crazy cat lady when you answer your cat’s random meows with “yes, yes I know”!”


  1. Letter C Sign – ThirdShiftVintage.com
  2. Felted Cat Slippers – BureBureSlippers
  3. Silver Moon Cat Brooch – BalticBeauty925
  4. Kitten Flashcard – GirlPickers.com
  5. Letter A Sign – ThirdShiftVintage.com
  6. Cat Sculpture – BoneJackVintageDecor
  7. Siamese Cat Family Carving – AtticandBarnTreasures.com
  8. Silver Panther Brooch – VintageMeetModern
  9. Kitten Pillow – TheOldBarnDoor
  10. Cat Ring – StefanieSheehan
  11. Cat Tapestry Bag – DesertMoss
  12. Letter T Sign – ThirdShiftVintage.com
  13. Flocked Tiger – HensFeathers
  14. Mouse Wire Pick – Carpebellus
  15. Ginger Cat Portrait Painting – NextStageVintage.com

Gifts for that Crazy Cat Lady in your life – she is SURE to appreciate your thoughtfulness!


If you love kittens as much as I do, please consider a donation to help spay and neuter rescue cats in our care. The kittens and I thank you!



7 Gift Ideas For Her First Kitchen

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Vintage Mid-Century Tea Towel
NeatoKeen on Etsy.com

Cathrineholm Lotus Butter Warmer
Eight Mile Vintage on Etsy.com

Eainbow Melamine Wall Clock
EInder Designs on Etsy.com

Shawnee Yellow Elephant Teapot


15 Gift Ideas for the Gold Digger

“People say I’m a gold digger. Can I help it if I dig anything gold?”


  1. Floral Drawer Knobs – EncoreEmporium
  2. Crescent Moon and Stars Tree Top Ornament – AuntHattiesAtticVintage.com
  3. Gold Treasure Capsule Charm – ThirdShiftVintage.com
  4. Brass Stencils – GirlPickers.com
  5. Split Bamboo Infinity Brooch – VintageRenude
  6. Assorted Vintage Buttons – BlueMoonCollectibles
  7. Cameo Necklace – Carpebellus
  8. Aurora Borealis Rhinestone and Faux Pearl Waterfall Necklace – AtticAndBarnTreasures.com
  9. Antique Red Wing Saffron Ware Bowl – SelectiveSalvage.com
  10. Pearl Chatelaine Brooch – dstefanTreasures
  11. Brass Peacocks – WhimzyThyme
  12. Gold Digger Bracelet – SimpleStamp
  13. George Briard Persian Garden Glass Platter – NextStageVintage.com
  14. Metallic Gold Lame Gloves – ThatRetroGirl
  15. Hallmark Candle and Candle Holder – 1006Osage

Gifts that anyone who digs gold will love!


11 Gift Ideas For The Men In Your Life


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Pair of Vintage Merck Canada Trophies
TippleAndSnack on Etsy.com

1948 Ford Pickup Truck Replica
SophisticatedFlorida on Etsy.com

Vintage Miniature Bowling Pins
CalloohCallay on Etsy.com

Vintage Cast Metal French Bulldog


15 Gift Ideas for the Free Spirit

“The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it – basically because you feel good, very good, when you are near or with them.” ~ Charles Bukowski


  1. Vintage Rotary Blade – GirlPickers.com
  2. Vintage Onyx and Gold Beaded Necklace – NextStageVintage.com
  3. Vintage Monkey Tray – ThirdShiftVintage.com
  4. Old Soul Push Pins – ThirdShiftVintage.com
  5. Vintage Owl Decoy – SelectiveSalvage.com
  6. Vintage Eye Glasses – BackThennishVintage
  7. Vintage Luca Madrassi Statue – CalloohCallay
  8. Vintage Spirits Label – TheCollectibleChest
  9. Vintage Photographs – TheLostRooms
  10. Vintage Turquoise Navajo Statement Ring – AtticAndBarnTreasures.com 
  11. Handmade Free Spirit Bracelet – JennsHandmadeJewelry
  12. Vintage Hat – CreekLifeTreasures
  13. Vintage Grape Motif Pin – AuntHattiesAtticVintage.com
  14. Vintage Boho Necklace – VintageRenude.com
  15. Handmade Follow Your Soul Sign – LittleBitSigns

Gifts that will make any free spirit smile!