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Hello Fall- Get The Look

September, the time of year when it dawns on you that Mother Nature’s palette is changing from the bright greens of summer to the golds and browns of autumn. Happily vintage treasures come in all those shades so the time is right to welcome FALL into your home. 

“By all these lovely tokens September days are here, with summer’s best of weather and autumn’s best of cheer.” — Helen Hunt Jackson



“There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew.” — Marshall McLuhan.    One more reason to BUY VINTAGE 

5 fast pedestal perfect decor ideas

amber pedestal

Cake pedestals are a fine thing. They can elevate a box of store-bought cupcakes to a gourmet delicacy. And they are also quite versatile around the house for both decorative and functional uses. As summer winds down, you might be feeling that urge to tweak your decor just a bit. Go no further than your serving pieces; grab a pedestal that is way too pretty to be hiding in a cabinet and treat yourself to a quick change up. 

♦♦♦craft room pedestal

A pedestal in the craft room

Stacked pedestals offer multiple layers of storage, convenience and style. Easy to arrange materials for your current projects and keep them close at hand. While this is probably not a great long term storage solution, it does keep your work surface tidy and makes you feel elegant at the same time. Design from HGTV.


kitchen cake pedestal

A pedestal on the kitchen counter

Gain a little counter space and elevate your dishwashing game by using a pretty pedestal to elevate your dish liquid and hand soap. Find a pretty bowl to be a sponge caddy (if you’re still using a sponge after the horrifying bad press sponges as bacteria colonies got this summer–ewww). Design from Liz Marie Blog.


perfume pedestal

A pedestal on the vanity

Pretty perfume bottles deserve more than to collect dust on the vanity. Tiny works of design, collecting them on a pedestal gives them a chance to see and be seen. Add a little WWAD (what would Audrey do) touch by snaking a string of pearls through the bottles. Design from Helpful Homemade.


cake pedestal with plants

A pedestal on the windowsill

If you’re enamored of the tiny succulents that are sprouting everywhere, the power of many has much more design punch than the loneliness of one. Group three little plants on a cake pedestal for a temporary display. Don’t forget to add a saucer, you don’t want mineralization from watering to mar your pedestal surface. Design from In the New House.


pedestal with jars

A pedestal in the center of everything

Whether your keep a stash of jars or you have to raid your recycle bin, pedestal plus jars plus snips from the garden makes a sweet summer impression. Sneak in some shells from the beach or stones from a hike. Add some of the magical-mystical-make-everything-amazing battery powered micro lights to soften the earlier twilights of late August. Design from Southern State of Mind. 







Happy Farmers Market Week

Farmer's Market

Turn at the corner and head to the vintage Farmers Market while the pickings are good… 

For Him – Get The Look

 It's A Man's World



To shop the look…

Industrial Metal Sign
From thirdshiftvintage.com


John Deere Tractor Photo
From Mollys Muses on Etsy

Vintage Brass Whistle
From Throw It Forward on Etsy 

Hazel Atlas Barware 
From 1006 Osage on Etsy

Vintage JC Penney Portable Electric Typewriter
From Seaside Collectibles on Etsy

Vintage Architectural Salvage
From selectivesalvage.com

Vintage Lithograph White Cat Cigar Box Label
From atticandbarntreasures.com



“Every man’s got the right to decide his own destiny.” — Bob Marley

Simplify – Get The Look

Per the calendar gurus, July 12th has been declared the official day to celebrate simplicity. However when it comes to vintage, the Vintage Unscripted team believes every day is cause to revel in the simple side of design.


 Top left to bottom right:
  1. Antique copper soldering irons  – Selective Salvage
  2. Antique John P. Squire lard tins Aunt Hatties Vintage
  3. Vintage black velvet dress with satin drop waistVintage Renude
  4. Antique Wade & Butcher straight razorAttic and Barn Treasures
  5. Vintage Nasco wooden magazine rackNextStage Vintage
  6. Vintage round chrome wall shelfGirl Pickers
  7. Vintage MCM wood & brass magazine rackThirdShift Vintage

“A little simplification would be the first step to a rational life.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

Celebrate America – Get The Look

Celebrating Red, White & Blue

Celebrate America by buying vintage from a small business…



A Summer Garden – Get The Look

Summer flowers are in bloom and vintage containers are a great way to bring the garden indoors. 
Whether your style is industrial, country or contemporary, a vintage flower holder will set a tone for your home, long after the blossoms fade. 

Hold On...


The temp is rising so it's time to start shopping...


Mid Century Silver and Crystal Bowl
vintagerenude on etsy.com

Vintage Hand Painted Glass Vase

Vintage L.G. Wright Footed Bowl

Antique Glass Trumpet Vase


Recycled Wall Art – Get The Look


Why buy new when there are such fun things being recycled for use as art? Add a touch of unique to your home with upcycled accessories like these found for you by the Vintage Unscripted team. 
Our mantra – reduce, reuse, recycle. Think vintage. Don’t forget…there is no Planet B.

Top left to bottom right: 
  1. You’ll Get Through This” canvas print – Vintage ephemera and wry comments make Lin Collette’s artwork fun and funny. 
  2. “Hummingbird In Flight”  – One of the pieces from Vintage Redo’s “Garden Jewelry Art” collection. Handmade from vintage jewelry, this work of art is an elegant take on recycling. 
  3. “Western Swing” mosaic art guitar – Handcrafted from a recycled acoustic guitar, this mosaic work of art adds a cool vibe to any room. 
  4. Film Reel wall clock – Whether your decor is contemporary, steampunk or MCM, this clock handmade from vintage films reels will be the center of attention. 
  5. “America’s Love” original artwork – A wonderful collage constructed of used materials paying tribute to America’s first love, baseball
  6. LP Record mirror – Handmade from 12 vintage LP’s, this great looking mirror will brighten up your room & keep the records out of the landfill. 

“There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew.” — Marshall McLuhan

Get the Look: Twin Peaks, original

agent dale cooper

twin peaks pie quote

It’s 1990. You’re watching TV and you find yourself at the intersection of surreal and plaid. And so many characters and so many subplots that you needed a diagram to keep up with the twists and turns. Yup. Twin Peaks, iconic serial drama. It’s back. Starting tonight on Showtime, 18 new episodes returning us to the mysterious Pacific Northwest town 25 years after Laura Palmer was murdered. Written and executive produced by David Lynch and Mark Frost? Yup. Returning cast members? Yup. Get the look? Yes please.

twin peaks get the look

Clockwise from top:

Pie tin, BlueBarnCollectibles on Etsy.

Wrangler plaid shirt, MollyFinds on Etsy.

Damn good coffee pot, AuntHattiesAttic on Etsy.

Denby coffee cups, RecentHistory on Etsy.

Natural antlers, SouthernGilt on Etsy.

Poker chips, GirlPickers on Etsy.

Vintage leather jacket, VintageRenude.com

The owls won’t see us in here, SelectiveSalvage.com

Industrial shears, ThirdShift.com

Twin Peaks log lady quote