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Hi folks!

Last weekend we took a jaunt to the other side of the county to attend the Pasco County Fair. The skies were sunny and just perfect for walking around! I love visiting all the animals and watching the judging but my most favorite spot is the greenhouse where they display the entries from the various 4H students. What wonderful inspiration! I thought I would share a few of the photos. You may find some inspiration for your own garden!

***disclaimer – I don’t suggest using an antique radio as a part of your garden but it did make for a cute backdrop. 🙂

~ Enjoy ~


Strawberry season is here!

I love February! Not just for Valentines day but for the strawberries! We have always eagerly awaited the coming of strawberry season – I remember growing strawberries as a child with my Granny. So much fun! So delicious! Imagine my surprise (and joy!) when a friend recently brought me a basket of strawberries fresh from the field! 

Basket FULL of yum! Look at the size of these berries!

Now wouldn’t it be lovely if that photo was a ‘scratch n’ sniff’! 


Autumn – A Time To Frolic at Fairs and Festivals

In the south the best time to get out in the sun and visit fairs and festivals is the fall. The weather has turned a tad bit cooler or at least the humidity is down to the non-wilt level. But autumn is so busy! The beginning of the holiday season is upon us! What to do and which way to turn next?

Sometimes we just need to STOP and enjoy a little getaway. We did just that this past weekend. The weather was just perfect for a nice day spent strolling through a festival in Tarpon Springs. All the little shops were open and the main street was closed and full of vendors with everything from food to high end jewelry, sea shells and art work. A nice way to spend an afternoon! Just as we were about to leave we happened upon a young man (David Ferman) performing comedy, juggling and extreme stunts as he put it. What fun and the perfect end to a happy day!

Wishing you a fun season frolicking through fairs and festivals in your area ♥

David’s website address is here and if you like to laugh, and you get a chance, I strongly suggest you pay his show a visit!

Just a little juggling with knives while I ride this 7 foot tall unicycle!


Can YOU balance a lit torch on your nose? AND tell jokes at the same time?
I confess that I was too busy watching to get a snap of the end of this trick but then that would spoil it for you. 🙂






Where History Lives

Historical museums are our link to the past and the very vaults that hold the recordings of time.

Sounds stuffy doesn’t it? But they aren’t! If you enjoy history – even a little – search out your local historical society and see what they have to offer.

School house turned residence being moved to current museum location.


Our local historical museum is itself a link to the past. It began life as a school house in 1915 and later became a private residence. Eventually the heirs sold the building to the historical society and it was moved to the present location to become the museum.


Building with porch added and a fresh coat of paint. It looks much the same today.








Below are a few photos I took recently while we strolled through the old building. It was time well spent and something we had looked forward to doing for a long time.




Fall in Love with Autumn



Autumn is a time I look forward to. It’s relief from the Florida heat that somehow gives you renewed energy. It’s a time for yard work and a change of the porch plants to something more suitable to fall. The dogs love the first cool spell. They revel in the fresh air, bird watch and chase squirrels.

Unlike most of the country, here fall means the turning of colors from green to brown. And for the most part we don’t get to enjoy the beautiful gold and russet colors our friends to the north do. But oh that cooler weather!

We fling open the windows and enjoy. And we wait. We wait for the cold hard breezes, bare trees and dried grasses that signal winter. But until then it’s fall!


Charley Brown Says Happy National Dog Day!

Charley pose
~~~ Charley with his favorite “grunt” toy ~~~

In honor of National Dog Day I thought it only fitting to introduce you to one of our dogs ~ Charley Brown. He is an American Cocker Spaniel and was rescued by us 6 years ago. He is a gentle soul and loves to be brushed and play with his toys. He came to us with many issues but we are so very happy that he joined our family ♥

About his name ….. he came to us with the name Harley. We wanted to change it up a little (new life, new name)…. and he is mostly brown. It was only natural that he became Charley Brown.

Charley Cocker Spaniel with toy
His first week with us with his first toy ♥

Charley dry sink

He has very good taste! He thought this was just the perfect size for a nap ♥

Please remember the unfortunate dogs that have been abandoned or abused and are awaiting a new home at your local shelters. Make a donation if you can in honor of National Dog Day.

Don’t shop ~  Adopt!

Wishing you and your 4 legged family member a wonderful and fun day together!

Unscripted Journeys Can Be The Best!

Our weekends are generally spent catching up on chores, cooking and taking care of the dogs and if we are lucky we get to spend some time thrifting or antiquing. This weekend was scheduled to be a busy one but we were lucky to make an unscripted stop by an old indoor flea market Saturday and found it had changed greatly and all for the better! Oh the sewing machines! Oh the furniture! Oh the lamps! Oh the trinkets! Did I mention the sewing machines? We’ll go back soon I hope and I promise to share more with you, in the meantime please enjoy these photos. ♥

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