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We are a group of vintage lovers and independent professional vintage sellers, uniting to share our knowledge and passion for vintage style.


A southern gal with a vintage soul searching attics and barns to bring you history you can touch and fond memories from your past. Come with us to find what speaks to your heart.
Dot @AtticAndBarnTreasures.com

Owner of Attic and Barn Treasures

A southern gal with a vintage soul searching attics and barns to bring you history you can touch and fond memories from your past. Come with us to find what speaks to your heart.

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ThirdShift Vintage
JD @ThirdShiftVintage.com

Owner of ThirdShift Vintage

Searching for (and finding) long forgotten pieces of history is always fun and exciting, and feeds my passion for vintage and for adventure! I get to travel the countryside on a quest for unique vintage and industrial pieces, signage, typography  and other interesting relics. Discovering old buildings and exploring places most other people never get to see makes this a really fun job!

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Laurie @RecentHistory

Owner of Recent History

I am a vintage fanatic, collector and seller with a distinctly New England point of view. My favorite things are the stuff of everyday life, things that were used and loved and have a history.

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Owner of Selective Salvage

I  am: The oldest child and an Air Force brat. A desert dweller but a Midwesterner at heart. A technologist by trade and a collector by choice. Married to and partnered with my college sweetheart. Predisposed to treasure hunting but happy to share.  Always on the hunt for good American “salvage”. 

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Mary Ellen and Paul

1-MaryEllen (2)
Mary Ellen @AuntHattiesAtticVintage.com

Owner of Aunt Hatties Attic Vintage

We are a “vintage couple” who collect and sell quirky, sweet and nostalgic vintage and antique items. Paul loves fountain pens,cameras, and photographic images. Mary Ellen loves Kitsch, oddities, and items with great upcycle potential.

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Pam @VintageRenude.com

Owner of Vintage Renude

Looking for goodies, others cast off, I have been haunting thrift stores since I was a little girl and never stopped. Now I can offer you the knowledge I have gained over the years and share my love of everything old.

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Tina @GirlPickers.com
Tina @GirlPickers.com

Owner of Girl Pickers

Midwestern baby boomer girl here but I’ve always felt I should have lived in the Old West as I like things more on the rustic side. I have a long family history for the appreciation of how things were back in the day. You can hold something in your hand and know or feel that it was made in an era when things were made to last and not be disposable. These are the things I bring to you so that you might enjoy them, too.

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