Is it Vintage, Antique or Collectible?

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Is it vintage, antique, or collectible? If you are reading this then you have the bug. You’re a collector, but what do you collect? Antiques, Vintage or Collectibles?

First off, let’s define the words “vintage” and “antique.” Contrary to popular use, our own included, the word “vintage” does not describe something as old or used. It refers to wine.

The Oxford Dictionary defines vintage as “the year or place in which wine, especially wine of high quality, was produced.” The definition of “antique” is “a collectible object such as a piece of furniture or work of art that has a high value because of its age and quality.”

Given those two definitions, “vintage” and “antique” have commonly come to mean older items of value. Antique usually referring to items 100 years old or more with vintage referring to items of age old enough to be of fashionable value, but not yet antique.

So is your item vintage or antique? Well, if you show it to your friend and hear “I remember that!” then it’s probably vintage. But if you show it your 90-year-old grandma and she says “I remember that!,” it’s probably an antique. 

Collectibles are another animal all together. Beware of the term “collectible” when used in conjunction with brand new items. Often companies will call items collectibles only to garner sales because the term implies that value will increase in the future. We all remember Beanie Babies and Bradford Exchange plates, right? Contrary to marketing at popular thought at the time, most of them have not increased in value. In fact, they’ve likely depreciated down to being something that’s donated, not sold. However, a beautiful hand blown glass vase signed by the artist is very likely a collectible item.

Collectible simply means something that is collected, or gathered in a group. However there is another meaning of the word that is more contemporary. Collectible has come to mean an item that is worth more than it appears to be due to it’s rarity, scarcity or demand in the marketplace. A true collectible is very likely going to become a more valuable vintage item. If it stands the test of time it may become a highly sought after antique as well.

So whether you enjoy vintage, antiques, or collectibles, we have you covered. The shops of Vintage Unscripted sell all of the above and more.  Check us out, won’t you?

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