15 Gift Ideas for the Crazy Cat Lady

“You know you are a crazy cat lady when you answer your cat’s random meows with “yes, yes I know”!”


  1. Letter C Sign – ThirdShiftVintage.com
  2. Felted Cat Slippers – BureBureSlippers
  3. Silver Moon Cat Brooch – BalticBeauty925
  4. Kitten Flashcard – GirlPickers.com
  5. Letter A Sign – ThirdShiftVintage.com
  6. Cat Sculpture – BoneJackVintageDecor
  7. Siamese Cat Family Carving – AtticandBarnTreasures.com
  8. Silver Panther Brooch – VintageMeetModern
  9. Kitten Pillow – TheOldBarnDoor
  10. Cat Ring – StefanieSheehan
  11. Cat Tapestry Bag – DesertMoss
  12. Letter T Sign – ThirdShiftVintage.com
  13. Flocked Tiger – HensFeathers
  14. Mouse Wire Pick – Carpebellus
  15. Ginger Cat Portrait Painting – NextStageVintage.com

Gifts for that Crazy Cat Lady in your life – she is SURE to appreciate your thoughtfulness!


If you love kittens as much as I do, please consider a donation to help spay and neuter rescue cats in our care. The kittens and I thank you!



JayDee / ThirdShiftVintage.com

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