10 What If’s for Thanksgiving

What if:  We were all thankful for what we have?


What if: Every family had enough?


What if: Those in need were taken care of?


What if: Charity was a part of everyday life?


What if: Every harvest was bountiful?


What if: Pumpkin pie wasn’t seasonal?


What if: Football and Thanksgiving weren’t inextricably linked?


What if: The fourth Friday of November was a day of rest instead of a shopping frenzy?


What if: We could watch old TV rerun marathons and eat turkey any time?


What if: We remembered to be thankful all year long?

What if:  Why not? 

Happy Thanksgiving from the Vintage Unscripted team:
Dot, JD, Laurie, Linda, Mary Ellen, Pam and Tina

The best is yet to come! Pam, Vintage Renude

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