Vintage Picks Of The Week – Vintage Numbers and Letters

Vintage Picks Of The Week

It’s time for our series, Vintage Picks of the Week! We scour the internet looking for just the right piece of vintage to add to our decor, and include ideas on how we think these pieces could be used.

The Picks this week are brought to you by Tina at GirlPickers.


Vintage Movie Theater Signage

What I Like About It:  I like that these letters retain their original finish and they are from a theater in Chicago in my home state.   

How I Would Use It: I would use one of these on a shelf to add interest or stacked in a crate as shown in their photo.       

1930s Movie Palace numbers from Urban Remains


Vintage Letterpress Blocks

What I Like About It:  I just cannot resist letterpress blocks.  They are perfect and crude at the same time.  

How I Would Use It:  These are small so they can be added just about anywhere to add interest to other items on a shelf or in a shadow box grouping.  

Letterpress blocks from Creek Life Treasures on Etsy


Vintage Number Eight Sign

What I Like About It:  I like that it’s red and the number 8 has meaning to me.

How I Would Use It:  I would hang this with family photos and other momentos on a gallery wall or maybe in the garage.    

Number eight lift sign by The Vintage Wall


So there you have it! My three favorite vintage picks for the week! Make sure to check back to see what items are on the Pick List next week!Hand pointing right | Antique Design Illustrations

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  1. Tina, I absolutely love this post. I started a collection of letters years ago and have now expanded it to include the initials of our two grandsons. Thanks to you & the wonderful brass stencils you offer, I always have something special to tuck in a gift.

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