Vintage Picks of the Week – Warm It Up – Quilts & Blankets

Vintage Picks Of The Week

It’s time for our series, Vintage Picks of the Week! We scour the internet looking for just the right piece of vintage to add to our decor, and include ideas on how we think these pieces could be used.

The Picks this week are brought to you by Dot at Attic and Barn Treasures.

Biederwand Damask Coverlet Pre-1950

What I Like About It: The wonderful geometric patterns of this handwoven Pennsylvania coverlet with it’s architectural border are what it’s all about! 

How I Would Use It: Frame this piece to bring warmth to any room or use to cuddle in front of the fire.

Antique Log Cabin Block Quilt

What I Like About It: This quilt brings back memories of my aunt’s homestead in South Carolina. Just looking at it reminds me of the warmth and coziness of home.

How I Would Use It: This would definitely be put to use! Hang out in front of the fire or let a little one rest on it for a nap. I can see this on a living room floor covered in kids and dogs in front of the t.v. while mom bakes cookies!

Rosie Quilter – giclee print

What I Like About It: The color! Well, that and the fact that it reminds me of the aunt I spoke of above. What a fun and colorful piece of wall art!

How I Would Use It: This would star in my sewing room! Or maybe in my living room – where my quilts reside. It is an inspiration to do more and better. 

So there you have it! My three favorite vintage picks for the week! Make sure to check back to see what items are on the Pick List next week!Hand pointing right | Antique Design Illustrations

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Dot ~

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  1. Dot, all of your picks this week have real soul and the love and devotion that hands put into making all three. That really adds the extra warmth to these textiles.

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