Fantasy Islands: Which TV show would you escape to for a day?

vintage tv set

vintage tv set

Ever wish there was a magic portal where you could jump through and escape to just for a little while? For some of us, there is one: the world of television. Whatever you needed, you could find it on TV. Adventure? Glamorous international espionage? Wild adventure? Quirky neighbors and friends? Fantasy? Any profession you can imagine? Any place you can imagine?

Vintage Unscripted decided to dish on our secret TV wish and to ask some of our readers and friends to do the same. Here’s our “As Seen on TV” destinations: 

Bonanza 1959-1973

I love ranches. I love horses. I love the outdoors. And while every single female I knew was in love with Little Joe, it was Hoss Cartwright that stole my heart. It really seemed that there was never a dull moment at that ranch. From horse thieves to drunks in town to kidnapping the Ponderosa always wound up in the thick of it and while I could have done without some of the excitement (if I were there) I truly believe I would have never tired of the 1,000 acres that made up that ranch. Can you even imagine a homestead that large! — Dot, Attic And Barn Treasures

Gilligan’s Island 1964-1967

I would have been the professor and I would have gotten us off that island right away! Or…. maybe not…. They ate good (fresh seafood every day – yum – my favorite), were always safe, got along well, and were always doing something. No pressures from work or timelines or deadlines. Had the entire island to themselves. Zany, good clean SIMPLE, uncomplicated fun, with never ending inventions and contraptions – and nothing but time on their hands. They didn’t build a new boat because they LIKED where they were! –JD, ThirdShift

Little House On The Prairie 1974-1983

I don’t know anyone that didn’t like Little House On The Prairie with its heartwarming stories that taught us life lessons.  It was just a good clean family western/drama.  The setting was in the 1870s and 1880s so everything came hard to the family. Charles Ingalls was played by Michael Landon, who we all knew from the show Bonanza, played the perfect husband and father to three daughters.  I liked that the kids went to a one room schoolhouse where they always seemed to have an encounter with mean Nellie but also always seemed to turn the tables on her.  Just a wholesome family show. — Tina, GirlPickers

Lost in Space  1965-1968

I would love to tell the Robinsons to never believe anything Dr. Zachary Smith tells them and to watch him like a hawk! I would name the robot (I don’t think it had one) because it was smart and was very protective of the family. “Danger! Will Robinson!” All the characters got along with the exception of Dr. Smith, of course. My favorite episode was the one where Penny met the boy in the Magic Mirror (played by Michael J.Pollard) which my friends can tell you I had a major crush on in my early teens! The opening theme music was awesome and apocalyptic and the space costumes were groovy! — Mary Ellen, AuntHattiesAtticVintage

MacGyver 1985 – 1992

How fun it would be to spend a day with MacGyver on one of his secret missions. He was an agent for the Phoenix Foundation, an agency devoted to righting the wrongs of the world. He was their most unusual agent because he refused to carry a gun. Instead he relied on his scientific knowledge, his wits and the occasional roll of duct tape, paper clips and other household items he happened to have handy to ensure each episode had a happy ending. I think the real world could use a few more MacGyvers. — Linda, Selective Salvage

Perry Mason 1957 – 1966

Oh to be one of Perry Mason’s clients. The facts are all against me, but I’m ultimately vindicated by the relentless sleuthing of Perry, Della Street and Paul Drake. The California noir vibe, Della Street’s clothing (she is hands down the best dressed woman to ever be on television), Paul’s street smarts and let’s be honest, Raymond Burr’s long eyelashes…make me sigh. Even their honorable opponents, Hamilton Burger and Lt. Tragg, have a charm of their own. I even love that you can definitely tell the night time scenes (and there are plenty of them) are filmed during the day with filters on the camera.  — Laurie, NextStageVintage

Audience members Patty, Jim and Steve would also willingly sign on to spend time with Perry. To quote Steve: 100%. They maximized black and white, had every character actor in the business on one episode or another, and production values that still satisfy all these years later. Would binge-watch.

Will and Grace 1998 – 2006, 2017 – ?

To live in a New York apartment and hang out with the likes of Will and Grace.  What fun to design homes for the jet set elite and have great friends in the city that never sleeps. To shop in Karen’s closet and spend the weekend in the country or taking in a Broadway show. Dinner parties with Jack and the boys. A whirlwind of fun and you never know what will come out of someone’s mouth. They were brash and outspoken, funny and emotional, and the best of friends. And now they are coming back to TV! — Pam, Vintage Renude

Here’s a few suggestions from the studio audience:

Happy Days 1974-1984

The Cunningham’s weren’t perfect, but they were interesting. And fun. A family that had fun and had each other’s backs. –Diane

Garage Sale Mystery 2013-?

I don’t care for much of what is on TV these days but I love the Hallmark Channel. I’d love to live in a Hallmark world. –Mary

Laverne and Shirley 1976-1983

Two funny girls and Squiggy living in Milwaukee… — Denise

Hotel 1983-1988

I wanted to live in San Francisco and so why not at the (real) Fairmont hotel?! –Donna

Twin Peaks 1990-1991

I’d escape to Twin Peaks, but only during the first season, before we learned who killed Laura Palmer. I love the Pacific Northwest setting, and I could hang out all day at Norma’s diner drinking that black coffee Agent Cooper raved about, and do what I could to convince Shelly that Bobby is no good for her either. –Russ

Murder, She Wrote 1984-1996

I would LOVE to live in “Cabot Cove” for at least a day. Maybe when Jessica is out of town! (Ed note: there’s an awful lot of murders when Jessica’s around). –Karlene

And Holly would hightail it to Fantasy Island 1977-1984. No need to ask why, she’s an author and would definitely want to write her own story. 

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