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I think Elvis was the first stamp I fell in love with and it seems I am in good company because this stamp, issued in 1993, is the most popular stamp of all time according to the Smithsonian’s Postal Museum. 

elvis presley stamp
Elvis stamp issued in 1993

Typically stamps feature historical figures and cultural sites, but in keeping up with the times and to boost stamp sales, they can also feature pop celebrities and fictional characters. This is the fun stuff. The USPS hopes these fun stamps will entice the younger generation into stamp collecting. Some notable pop culture stamps included rock and roll legends, superheroes, cartoon characters, Disney, vintage cars and trucks, Harry Potter, Starwars just to name a few.  

disney villain stamps

Have you ever wondered who decides what goes on the stamps we use to mail that birthday card to your favorite aunt? Well, it just so happens there’s a committee for that and they take their work very seriously.  The Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee consists of 12-members appointed by the postmaster general that evaluates future stamp issues based on public submissions. In the past, no person could be commemorated with a stamp until at least 10 years after their death. At some point, it was reduced to 5 years and eventually, the rule was done away with. U.S. presidents are featured on a stamp on the first birthday following their death.

This was just a brief glimpse into the world of stamps. Visit Stamps.org to learn more about stamps and collecting. Share with us in the comments below if you are a collector or just a stamp fan–what is your favorite stamp?




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