How to Host a Retro Dinner Party Using Prepackaged Foods from the 1970s

Do you you remember eating Hamburger Helper and Manwich as a kid? Remember how cool it was to get cheese out of a can? Oh, and the taste of Tang… Fun memories! And some of these foods are still around today – can you believe it?!. 

Now you can relive some of these culinary taste treats by hosting a retro dinner party using these iconic prepackaged foods from the 1970s. Your dinner guests will think this is fun!

Here are some ideas for hosting a Retro Dinner Party.

Dinner Party Menu


  • Hamburger Helper – Yes. You can still buy Hamburger Helper. Buy three different flavors, place in vintage casserole dishes and serve. Nothing like variety!
  • Manwich Sandwiches – For your more picky eaters, mix up a batch of Manwich. It’s a meal! Serve on retro melamine plates or on paper plates in wicker plate holders.
  • TV Dinner – Yep – you can still buy frozen dinner’s in a tray, what a concept! I think the classic Fried Chicken Dinner is a must at this retro dinner party! If you don’t want to serve a real frozen dinner, I recommend you purchase the divided metal trays and make your own version. This will let you customize the entrees using healthier ingredients, organic alternatives, or accommodate special dietary needs.


  • Cheese and Crackers – While the can may look different, you can still buy cheese in a can! Buy a variety of flavors, line a vintage tray with your favorite crackers, and enjoy! Print a copy of the label below, and wrap around the can for a cool retro look.


  • Hunts Snack Pack Pudding – Print copies of the retro Hunts Snack Pack Pudding label (see image below), then wrap the labels around any pudding cup, and secure with glue stick.
  • Fiddle Faddle – Yum! You simply have to serve glazed popcorn clusters with your pudding! Pour into a vintage glass bowl, and your prep work is done.


  • Tang Cocktails – Whip up a batch of this retro Tang cocktail, called The Buzz Aldrin and serve it in a vintage Tang pitcher. The extra vitamin C will do you good.


Retro Dinner Party Decor

  • Print ads from the foods that are no longer made and use those copies as placemats or coasters – your guests are sure to have plenty of conversations about them. TIP: Click the images in the photos at the top of this post to open them in a new window, then click them again to enlarge, save, and print so you can use them in your decor.
  • To add to the ambiance of your retro party, use vintage dishes from the 1970s. Things like snack plates, drink coasters, and beverage glasses will give your party that groovy, hip, retro feel – and make your party more fun!
  • Use vintage TV trays to hold snacks, and use vintage serving trays for beverages. Or go “totally retro” and have guests sit on folding chairs using TV trays! A great novelty instead of sitting around the traditional dinner table.


Retro Dinner Party Activities


Retro Labels To Use

Right-click and save the labels below. Print them on a color printer, then use them on today’s products for a cool retro look.
TIP: Click the image to open it in a separate window, and then click it again to enlarge it so you can save a larger copy. You can also resize the labels as needed in a graphic editor or photo editor.


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  1. What a fun post!! Manwich and Fiddle Faddle…I’d forgotten, but I haven’t forgotten the Oscar Mayer song. (singing it in the background)

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