Vintage Picks of the Week – Ice Cream Time

Vintage Picks Of The Week

It’s time for our new series, Vintage Picks of the Week! We scour the internet looking for just the right piece of vintage to add to our decor, and include ideas on how we think these pieces could be used.

The Picks this week are brought to you by Mary Ellen at

Chromolithographed Serving Tray from Ms Dow’s Antiques ‘Tique Talk

Hall Company’s Quality Ice Cream Tray

What I Like About It: I love the colors and the jolly faces of the children. When I have ice cream I feel as though it’s my birthday too!

How I Would Use It: I would hang this on the wall as a decoration but absolutely put it back into service serving dishes of ice cream to children of all ages. If I could bear to give it away, I’d give it to a family named Hall or someone who lives in Binghamton.


Metal ice cream mold from TreasuresTooVintage on Etsy

Ice Cream Mold – Pewter – Vintage Lady’s Shoe Candy, Chocolate, Craft Mold – c. 1900

What I Like About It: This shoe has style and  would be quite fun to work with.

How I Would Use It: How about Ice cream shoes for a gal’s night out or bridal shower. Present the ice cream shoe and all sorts of candy to decorate it and give an award to the winner. Of course everyone’s a winner with a nice ice cream dessert they decorated themselves. Quick! Before it melts! Another way is to mold chocolate or marzipan for all sorts of holidays, Halloween, Mother’s Day, add a Buckle for Thanksgiving. Crafts! Mold paper shoe containers…you’d need to experiment but you just know that this mold will bring out the creativity in you.

Raffia Ware Ice Cream Bowls from SentimentalFavorites on Etsy

Vintage Raffiaware, Pink Plastic Bowls, Ice Cream Bowls, Thermoware Straw, Pool Party

What I Like About It: I love the color, the tiki quality of the raffia and the fact you can use them on the pool or patio with no fear of broken glass. Reusable ice cream dishes are cool!

How I Would Use It: Of course I would use it for ice cream but also cool pieces of watermelon or even for side bowls for make your own tacos or custom salad additions.

So there you have it! My three favorite vintage picks for the week! Make sure to check back to see what items are on the Pick List next week!Hand pointing right | Antique Design Illustrations

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