Using a free grocery store item in your garden.

Just recently we have found these very nifty bands on our veggies. They do much less damage to the lettuce than a metal and paper twist-tie . When we took off the band we saw that it had the qualities of velcro and it was very sturdy!

We thought to try it in the garden to help stake the tomatoes and it works well! If you are like us and have to wait until your own vegetables grow and still need the fresh veggie section at the market, look out for these. Ask your non gardening friends to save them for you. Save money! Use them to wrangle flowers and perennials in a border. The green blends in nicely. These would also come in handy to hold your pant legs out of danger from the spokes on your bike…you can even leave a couple on the bike. We hope they will be reusable next year.

Hope you liked this money saving tip. How could you use these lettuce bands in your household?

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  1. Good idea for recycling Mary Ellen. I haven’t seen this type in our grocery store yet, but I’ll be on the lookout. I do keep and reuse the rubber bands that come on the brocolli and other produce.

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