Crazy About Catherineholm Lotus Bowls!

Have you ever been the last person to get a joke? Or the last person to realize that low-waisted jeans are (were) the latest fad? Or maybe that you were the last person to know about the most popular television show that was popular 10 years ago, and you’ve only just discovered (and love) it?

Well, that’s how I feel about my latest discovery – the Catherineholm Lotus Enamelware bowls. How did I not know about these bowls before this week? How have they escaped my radar? Granted, I usually check out the barns, garages, and basements at estate sales before anything else, and I usually don’t spend much time in the kitchens – maybe that’s how I missed these fabulous bowls! I am sure over the years that I have seen this pattern before in pots and coffee pots, but never really gave it any thought before now.

This week I spotted a green bowl with white flower petals on it. The green caught my eye since it is similar to the lime green I use as accent pieces in our living room. There were no maker marks on the bottom of the bowl, so I searched the internet to learn more about it – and found out it’s a Catherineholm Lotus Enamelware bowl. And I am in love!

Did You Know?

In my research, I found that this design was released in the early 1960s, originating from the Catherineholm factory in Norway, and isn’t limited to just bowls. The design pieces and colors were attributed to Grete Prytz Kittelsen, and Arne Clausen came up with the lotus pattern.

What I like most about the bowls is that they are made of steel, coated with enamelware. The colors are bright and vibrant and the pattern is just as trendy today as it was in the early 1960s. 

Since this line of enamelware was only made from the early 1960s to around 1965, some of the pieces are quite rare. And naturally, are also quite expensive. Some of the bowls are marked, while others are not. 

These Catherineholm Lotus enamelware bowls are so popular, there is even a group on Flickr, filled with photos!

I am now on a quest to find at least one bowl in yellow, orange, green, black, and red with the white lotus flower petal. And don’t even get me started on the striped bowls!

Do you own or collect Catherineholm Lotus Enamelware? What’s your favorite piece?

photo: Hudson River Mercantile


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  1. I do a lot of antiquing, flea marketing and thrifting and I don’t recall ever seeing this type of enamelware. It is truly fabulous! I will now be on the lookout for it. The colors are so vibrant and that lotus pattern gives it a nice geometric mid century look, which I love.

  2. How wonderful these are!! I don’t believe I have ever seen one of these in the wild either. You can bet your sweet bowls I’ll be looking for them now.

  3. I have seen these in the wild but didn’t pick them up because I thought they needed to be marked. That won’t stop me now. Thank you for the Catherine Holm Tutorial. I just love the shapes and colors and design!

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