Chip off the old block: stuff we do just like our dads

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chip off the old block

Whether by nature or nurture, we all have things we do just like our dads or like people who are like dads to us. Some of them are big, like following them into the family profession. But others are small. And those are the ones that really make us chips of the old block.

So we wondered, what are the chippy things you do just like your dad?

Here are ours along with thoughts about fathers from people who are not us:

I am SO much like my Dad (and I love him SO much)! Just like Dad – I am logical, a creative thinker, love bird watching, daring adventures, and I have a soft spot in my heart for special memories, family, and animals. Dad taught me to believe in myself and to enjoy EVERY day as if it were a gift. When I was little and had frequent bad dreams, Dad suggested “Angel Feathers” – to reach up before I went to sleep to grab a handful of angel feathers that would protect me and keep me safe in my dreams. To this day, I still reach up and grab those angel feathers each night and I have taught my own kids to do the same. Thanks Dad for being you! 143 – JayDee (

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Easy for me. Just like my dad I love birds, wear the same LL Bean rain hat, eat vanilla ice cream daily and I am always be ready with a snippet of song (embarrassment of children definitely required, not optional). – Laurie (

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Thanks to my papa-san, I am a huge sports fan, a voracious reader and am competitive, especially when it comes to card games. I love fast cars, shopping for gifts and have yet to meet a cookie I didn’t like. – Linda (

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Just like my dad I am an extrovert and enjoy being funny! I always thought we both could have been professional comedians. We both love singing and don’t mind being the center of attention, when we want to be there. We are both sensitive, require sincere acts of affection, both headstrong and stubborn, both articulate. Wish I could give him a biiiig kiss! – Mary Ellen (

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I was lucky enough to have two Dads and I loved them both.  I loved my stepdad for being totally devoted to my Mom. My birth Dad was not which is why I ended up with a stepdad! LOL!  I guess the thing I got from my birth Dad is I like to eat wild game, fish, etc.  He was an outdoorsman and he lived to go hunting and fishing. As kids, we ate a lot of different critters he caught and brought home. Dad caught it, Mom cooked it, although Dad was a great cook too, and we ate it! Yumm. Oh and Mom always said I had my Dad’s legs. Thanks a lot Mom!  – Tina (

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Are there any ways you are a chip off the old block? Leave a comment below! 




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  1. What a fun post! Let’s see…. from my birth dad I got my blonde hair and green eyes and from my stepdad I got my love of driving fast.

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