Things We Liked This Week (6/11/17 – 6/17/17)

things we saw

things we saw

Our favorite finds from the internet this past week.

Dot ( – Is painting on your list of  “to do’s” this summer? This article by DIY Network may help get you started on giving your home a fresh updated look!

JayDee ( – Nate Berkus spent 2-1/2 years designing this midcentury home. I especially like the bathroom with its vintage lighting, and wait until you see the closet! Very cool!

Laurie ( – This video of New Order’s Blue Monday played on instruments from the 1930s by Orkestra Obsolete. 

Linda ( –  I’m a gardener and a firm believer in learning from the past…..which is why I was so pleased to happen upon this article “24 Lost Gardening Tips From 100 Years Ago”.  I see an asparagus bed in my future. 

Mary Ellen ( – I really enjoyed how inkblots and poetry come together Gobolinks, Blottentots, and the Eerie Beauty of Victorian Inkblots . History is so interesting!

Pam ( – Since this week has consisted of getting ready to move, I found this site that has loads of coupons and discounts geared toward those of us who are moving.  I have signed up and have already saved money using a few of these discounts. Check it out if you plan on moving soon!

Tina ( –  50 most unusual and strange beds you’d love to sleep on.   Whoa some of these are way out there!


Have you found something on the internet this week that you would like to share? Post the link in a comment below!

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