Remember These Craft Kits for Kids from the 1970s?

DIY projects and craft kits are more popular today than ever. A quick search on Pinterest, and you can find tips and ideas on how to create practically anything. DIY projects were popular back in the 1970s, too, and if you were a kid in the 70s, chances are you’ll remember creating with one of these craft kits.

Latch Hook Rugs

I must have created a couple dozen of these hook rugs when I was a kid. I loved how you started with a mesh canvas, pieces of cut-to-length yarn, and that cool latch hook tool. I made rugs for my bedroom, rugs to hang on the wall at the cabin (they are still hanging there), rugs for my Mom for the kitchen, and rugs to give to my friends. My favorite rug was a huge white polar bear rug with a three dimensional head. I wonder what ever happened to that…?

Pot Holder Looms

I bet you made a lot of potholders using one of these metal loop and loom kits! I know I sure did. As a matter of fact, I still have my original metal loom and hook and have used it to show my own kids how to create pot holders. Together we’ve made a bunch of these pot holders for Grandma and for us to use as coasters. I love that you can still buy the loops today. Good memories!


Oh my gosh, how I loved to macrame! For some reason, I picked up on how to macrame very easily and it seems for a while there, I was creating something new every day! Mom had lots of plants, so I made her lots of plant holders. It was fun to experiment with the different knots, adding beads, tassels, and other embellishments. I really need to try this again! Thankfully macrame has made a resurgence, in the form of para-cord knot tying. The popularity of Friendship bracelets, neck lanyards, belts and watch bands have made it easy to get high quality materials in a wide variety of colors and patterns.  


Velvet Painting

Painting on velvet canvas was just so cool! Unlike regular paint-by-number kits, the black velvet actually prevented you from painting outside the lines! 

Sand Art

All you needed was a clear glass bottle, colored sand, and a sharp stick and you could create art out of sand! I remember creating sand art planters with my aunts. We would create the layers of colored sand at the bottom of the jar, top that off with a layer of potting soil, then plant small plants. I always thought those looked so neat!

Dip a Flower

One of the crafts I could never get to work quite right as a kid was the Dip-A-Flower kit. Mom and I spent quite a bit of time on this one, and did manage to get a bouquet of what could pass for flowers. Even though they didn’t turn out the best, it sure was fun to do this with my Mom!

String Art

String art was one of the kits from the 70s that my brothers actually enjoyed. Maybe because of the nails and having to use a hammer. I remember working on a string art kit that was an abstract design. If you missed a nail or two, it was not fun to have to undo the string you had already strung, in order to go back and restring what you missed. What a tangled mess that was!  And I remember how not fun it was having to clean them off whenever Mom had me do the dusting.


How about you? Do you remember any of these crafts, or have other favorite crafts that you did in the 1970s?

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  1. I tried them all, but I think Mattel Creepy Crawlers and Fun Flowers of the 60s era had to be my favorite. Pouring the Plastigoop in the metal molds, baking them up and then making jewelry or just playing with the bugs and flowers–so much fun.

  2. I am laughing. I still own 1 of each of these creations except for the dip a flower. Most of them were crafts I made. But the sand bottles made a come back when our kids were in preschool about 10 years ago so we have several somewhere;) Cute post.

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