Things We Liked This Week (5/21/17 – 5/27/17)

things we saw

things we saw

Our favorite finds from the internet this past week.

Dot ( – Our flowers are budding and blooming and I’ll bet yours are too! How’s this for a neat DIY flower vase for your new crop of posies. Which flowers from your garden will you display? 

JayDee ( – I remember my mother-in-law telling me stories of how her and my father-in-law lived in a Quonset hut while my father-in-law was in the navy and was stationed in Florida. They lived there in the 1950s after they were first married. If they were still with us today, I wonder what they would think about the renewed interest in living in a Quonset hut today! I saw this story this week -“Inexpensive Quonset Home Kits Start at Less than $8,000” and am thinking this isn’t such a bad idea! What do you think?

Laurie ( – Vintage paint by numbers. Pure love. And now there’s an online PBN museum where you can wander leisurely and absorb the colors, the subjects and the history.

Linda ( –  The latest vintage revival….Frank Lloyd Wright fabrics designs have been re-released in honor of his 150th birthday. Enjoy the FLW slideshow and swoon along with me. 

Pam ( – This weekend marks the official start of summer. That means travel plans for many families. Here is a list of 18 of the best places to visit in the USA. Are any of these on your summer vacation list?

Tina ( –  Got the munchies?  Here’s a fun article about snacks that were popular in the 70’s.  I don’t remember most of these so I must not have tried them, but I spotted two of them that I enjoyed; the Tuna Twist and Tid-Bit.  Which of these snacks were your favorites?


Have you found something on the internet this week that you would like to share? Post the link in a comment below!

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