Graduation gift ideas with vintage flair

graduation gift ideas

You want your graduation gift to be memorable. You want it to be the kind of thing that will let the graduate know that you congratulate their accomplishments to date and wish them more to come in the future. You want it to reflect the personality of the graduate. And you want it to be useful. It’s also good for it to be honest and true. There’s one kind of gift that fits all those descriptions–a vintage gift.

We know, we know…grads definitely appreciate gift cards and checks.  But a gift card or a check doesn’t pack much personality. But it does if it’s tucked in with something vintage!

Here are our Vintage Unscripted ideas for graduation gifts with vintage flair:

vintage graduation gift book

Find a great vintage book that relates to their interests or college major–tuck a gift card inside and tie it up with a bow for a gift that will stand out from the crowd.

vintage graduation gift suitcase

Your grad may be ready to take on the world, but they still need a place to store their stuff. Vintage suitcases are the perfect gift–storage with way more personality than a plastic bin so they can stow their gear in plain sight!

vintage grad gift tools

Give them some useful history. A starter set of tried and true tools from your workbench will come in handy and they’ll always remember it came from someone special.

vintage grad gift tins

Use a vintage tin to stash a few first aid essentials, some office supplies or even some photos from home.

vintage grad office supplies

Speaking of vintage office supplies, how about a vintage tape dispenser or a stapler made back in the day when office supplies lasted a lifetime or two.

vintage grad gift sewing

Many vintage evening bags aren’t big enough to hold a cell phone. Sigh. But they are just the right size for a sewing kit. A couple spools of thread, some safety pins, needles, a small pair of scissors and maybe a few buttons can fix just about any wardrobe malfunction.

vintage grad gift games

Or how about a favorite game? The classics never go out of style!

Feeling inspired? No time like the present to buy vintage for your grad:

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