8 ways to make your mother’s day – vintage style

vintage mother and child

mother kangaroo

You love your mom and your mom loves vintage. There’s only one way to celebrate Mother’s Day, and that’s by giving her an experience that’s vintage style. We’re here to help you come up with some unscripted vintage ideas to make it a day any mom will remember.

pin ball

Bring out her game-y side 

What fun-time sports and games did your mom do when she was young that she hasn’t made time to do lately? Bowling, billiards, skee-ball, miniature golf, pinball, old-time arcade games. Any day that involves playing Whac-a-mole is a good day. 


Dig up some dirt

If your mom loves gardening, there is nothing she would like better than many hands digging up those pesky weeds. Especially if you celebrate gardens that are ready for planting by hoisting high an ice cream cone in tribute.

barbecue grill

Backyard BBQ

Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the year at restaurants across the country. Instead of waiting in line for hours for meh food and rushed service, fire up the BBQ instead and have a relaxing day with mom on the back porch. She will appreciate the time spent with family and the casual atmosphere too.

photo album

Reminisce with photo albums

You know your Mom has tons of photo albums with photos of you and your siblings. Dig them out, head out to the patio with Mom and your favorite beverage, and spend the afternoon looking through all the photos. You’re sure to have some great conversations while you relive old memories. A fun time for everyone! 

to do list

Become the handy-child

Grab your Mom’s “to-do” list and get ‘er done! Spend the day working your way through all the tasks your Mom has on her list. She’ll love you for it, we promise! 

cell phones

Unplug yourselves

Technology is a good thing. Having a super computer in your pocket is a good thing. But how about trying to disconnect for Mother’s Day, put all your devices in a safe place for the day and do things that don’t involve texting or social media-ing.

freaky friday

Try Freaky Friday 

Try real life reverse role playing using either the 1976 version (with Jodie Foster and Barbara Harris) or the 1993 version (with Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis) of the Disney classic Freaky Friday for inspiration. Within reasonable limits, of course. 

road and rainbow

Make today be someday

If there’s someplace you’ve always talked about visiting, a site to see, a restaurant to try, a drive to take, make Mother’s Day the day to do that thing you’ve always said “we’ll have to do that someday.”





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  1. I loved your suggestions, Laurie. My sister was in town for a week and one day when my niece was also visiting, the three of us sat with my Mom for hours going through all our old photo albums. The stories were priceless and we even discovered an album she had ended up with when they closed up her Mom’s house that she didn’t remember!

    Three generations reminiscing …..what an extraordinary gift for all of us.

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