Things We Liked This Week (4/30/17 – 5/6/17)

things we saw

things we saw

Our favorite finds from the internet this past week.

Dot ( – This is the most amazing artwork form I have had the pleasure of watching in a very long time. Watch the video then click the Finished Projects tab…. I think you will be amazed too! 

JayDee ( – I love plants! Indoor, outdoor – it doesn’t matter, I love them all. My Grandma and my Mom have passed this love of plants down to me. Mom used to make the most beautiful terrariums. I remember when I was a kid how I used to look into those tiny gardens and imagine what it would be like to shrink down and actually walk through the wonderlands that Mom created. This week, I found an article “15 Delightfully Diverse DIY Terrarium Ideas: Tiny Green Delights!” and it reminded me of Mom and her terrariums. Had to share this with you! I especially love the tiny water garden idea in a tea cup. Enjoy!

Laurie ( – About this time every year I get all twitchy to paint some part of my house. This year, my *yawn* boring old plum front door is getting my critical eye. Luckily, I found some front door paint inspiration from House Beautiful.

Linda ( –  If someone told you they could build a house for you in a day for $10,000, would you believe it? Granted, it’s tiny at 409 sq ft. but a start-up company in San Francisco has developed a way to make that dream come true. Here’s more info on their secret weapon

Tina ( – An article from Apartment Therapy about a home in Mass. that has not been touched as far as the interior decor since the 1970’s!  Groovy!

Pam ( – I bet you never knew this about the Girl Scouts! Were you a Girl Scout? Check out some of these amazing ways Girls Scouts helped make history.

Have you found something on the internet this week that you would like to share? Post the link in a comment below!

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