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If someone asked you to name a vintage toy what would you think of? The little red Radio Flyer wagon? Barbie? Hula Hoop? Slinky? Erector sets? Easy Bake Oven? Frisbees?

Your answer would probably depend on the era you (or your parents in some cases) grew up in and more than likely at least to some extent the area of the country where you lived.

Creepy Crawlers ant
1960s Thingmaker Creepy Crawlers giant ant mold from ThirdShift.

For me it was Barbie (who was born the same year as me!), the Slip ‘n Slide, the Easy Bake Oven, Viewmaster and best of all the Thingmaker (aka Creepy Crawlers), well next to my all time favorite, my Hot Wheel cars. (Yes, I was a tomboy).

You may be surprised at just how many folks seek out toys from their childhood. Maybe it is part comfort. You know, reminders of the “good old days.” Maybe it’s to find that one toy that always eluded them, or broke too soon. Perhaps to share the fun from their past with their children or grandchildren. Whatever the reason vintage toys are a hot commodity and will most likely stay that way – perhaps forever.

Every decade has their favorites…. Rubik’s Cube, Garbage Pail Kids, Star Wars, PEZ dispensers or Beanie Babies anyone? Whatever your favorite(s) I’ll bet just the thought of them brings a smile to your face. You may find some of them at the National Toy Hall of Fame.


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  1. Such fun memories you’ve brought back, Dot. I still love paper dolls & doll houses. I also have to admit I completely missed the Garbage Pail Kids phase and after checking them out, I’m not sorry I did. 🙂

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