Save The World – Buy Vintage!

Vintage is the new green!!  It’s a way to make a difference and reduce your carbon footprint.   I am happy to see a trend of it’s hip to buy vintage but have you noticed that the retail industry has jumped on the bandwagon by making cheap imitations and calling it “Vintage Style”.  Don’t be fooled!!  If you really want to be hip then buy the real McCoy.  Those of us that love vintage, know things that were made long ago were made to last and done so with pride of craftsmanship.  And if they did break, chances are they could be repaired.  In today’s world, it’s way too easy to throw it away and go buy another cheap replacement. Let’s explore a few ways to go green vintage style! 

Do we really need some plastic thing that says Chip Clip to keep our chips from going stale or could we use a wooden clothespin or what about a bulldog clip from the desk drawer?

Vintage Clothespins from GirlPickers


A glass of refreshing iced tea or lemonade in a plastic glass?  No thank you!   Why not use a vintage mason jar to enjoy your favorite beverage?  You can also use several mason jars as food storage in your kitchen.

Lemonade from a Mason jar!


How about a vintage locker basket for unique storage in your pantry?  They are perfect for potatoes and onions or food packages.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest


Furniture is a good example of why we should buy vintage.  Vintage furniture is made extremely well with dovetailed joints and quality hardwoods; not particle board that’s filled with chemicals or by cutting down even more trees to make new furniture.  And if the finish is not your style or color, then you can always customize it with a coat of paint.  Why not use a vintage or antique dresser or buffet for a media center or in the bath as a vanity? 

Need some new wall décor?  Why not re-purpose some vintage crates into a new to you stylish shelf.  I just love that this wall grouping has so much going on and it’s ALL VINTAGE!!  There’s a locker basket, a soda crate, another wire basket, mason jars and pretty vintage plates, cups and tins.   I also like to reuse things like vintage corbels and plinth blocks.  Salvaged architectural pieces are interesting enough on their own as home décor and it makes me extremely happy to see these pieces being saved when a structure is doomed to be demolished.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest


These are just a few examples of how the world of vintage is just about as eco friendly as you can get and the bonus is… buying used will usually save you some green in your wallet. 

Share with us how you use vintage to save the world. 

Save the world, buy VINTAGE! Tina@GirlPickers

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  1. What a fitting tribute to both Earth Day and to Vintage. I saw at our farmer’s supply store a mason jar lid with a straw hole for make and take beverages. I bet we could drill our own holes in a cap and save $$. Did you know the lid from a mayo jar fits regular canning jars? They are not watertight but that’s what we put on a jar of home canned pickles once it is opened!Reduce Reuse Recycle Repair!

  2. Well said, Tina. My house is full of vintage items that I use daily. Can’t imagine a home without vintage and antiques.

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