Things We Liked This Week (4/9/17 – 4/15/17)

things we saw

things we saw

Our favorite finds from the internet this past week.

Dot ( – They really do research everything! This will give you a smile. Have a wonderful week everyone!

JayDee ( – I was reading through Apple News this week and stumbled on the article “10 Family Heirlooms That Tell Stories“. The timing couldn’t have been better, as I have been spending more time at my parents house. When I look around their house, I see stories in so many things in each room. Like the spiral staircase lamp and plant holder that my uncle made for my Mom – she always had it filled with her plants. Or the display hutch that was made by another uncle and has always displayed figurines and collectibles, also items that have a story. You wouldn’t necessarily think a garage would hold heirlooms, but as soon as I step in my parents garage, I recall so many memories and stories about the workbench Dad made and his wood drawers in a cabinet that hold nuts, bolts, and nails. I wish I could bottle the smell of his garage and take it home with me – so many fond memories! I really enjoy being at my parents house among all these memories. I wonder if my own kids will someday have memories and stories of the things displayed in our house?

Laurie ( – The Scottish Book Trust offered up a list of the top ten most memorable rabbits in literature. Some I knew, some I didn’t. But I take some issue with this list because it omits my favorite, The Velveteen Rabbit by Marjorie Williams. To this day, I cannot read it without getting teary and running to hug my Hoppy, a ratty-tatty plush bunny that still has the tiniest bit of still pink flannel that has not been worn away deep inside his ear and is, as he has always been, real.

Linda ( –  Earth Day is coming up on the 22nd which is one more good reason to think about things we can do to ensure we leave the world a better place for generations to follow. Here’s an article that lists 25 ways to become a wildlife warrior. As an added bonus, the author opens with five really cute animal videos which is the perfect way to start your day off with a smile. 

Mary Ellen ( – I love old cars and enjoyed this use of a new “precious” artifact of the auto industry.The Anthropocene‚Äôs Best Gem Is Made Out of Old Car Paint..  

Tina ( – With spring comes the itch to do some picking and hit the garage sales.  I happened along this article of a 100 mile garage sale here in Illinois.  It’s not until June 16 and 17 but it’s something to look forward to.  

Pam ( – Just when we thought the 90’s were over for good, they’re back! Who remembers Tamagotchi’s? The company that created this Japanese craze has brought them back. For now they are only available in Japan though. So you may have to wait a bit to relive your childhood.

Have you found something on the internet this week that you would like to share? Post the link in a comment below!

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