Jell-O: the perfect Easter treat

jello cubes

Jell-O is the inspiration for the perfect Easter dessert or salad. Bright colors, light taste, easy to make and the perfect base on which to build a thousand creative taste sensations.

Did you know it’s been around since the late 1800’s? Jello was originally created by a husband and wife team who made and sold medicinal syrups. They didn’t do well marketing their new product and soon sold both the name and patented formula to a gentleman who knew just how to market this new invention. It was later bought by General Foods which became Kraft Foods and well, we all know what happened from there.  

Jell-O is still a popular treat today and can be used in lots of fun desserts and salads. No matter what the season, it’s the perfect food. Cool and soothing, it goes down easily and doesn’t feel heavy. Kids love it for the bright colors and vibrant flavors.

If you so happen to be stuck in a hospital for any length of time, you will be sure to see some turn up with a meal or two. It’s served in school cafeterias and restaurants alike and still brings a smile to most everyone’s face. As a low cost and easy to make dessert Jell-O can’t be beat.

Try this simple vintage 1950s Jell-o recipe below to bring some jewel toned tastiness to your Easter table. 

This fabulous Jell-O ad is from a 1956 Family Circle magazine

The best is yet to come! Pam, Vintage Renude

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  1. Great article! Wow, didn’t realize jello has been around since the 1800s. Thank you for the yummy looking recipe!

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