The Exciting World of Car Shows

Just a few of the vehicles we saw represented at the Chasco Classic Car Show.


The wonderful, fun, extraordinary and sometimes wacky world of automobile exhibits. We had the great fortune to happen on a rather large car show recently and what a show it was! The time spent taking these pieces of history from an oft times pile of rusty metal to what you see here is enormous. The cost – not only in cubic $ but in blood sweat and tears – would bring you to your knees.


Ever seen a Hupmobile? (top left) Beautifully restored red Cushman top center. Just had to represent the working man with a photo of the old red wrecker!


These proud owners grandly display their vehicles (aka their babies) as if they are works of art. And sometimes they are. They even have detailed records and photo albums dedicated to each process along the way and will gladly share the albums and stories with you. It is amazing really, and so very fun to see. We appreciate these folks allowing us the pleasure of viewing and photographing their vehicles and sharing their stories.


The orange Econoline DRAGSTER. What! Look at the beautiful tool leather on the convertible (bottom right). Top right is one of the rat rods – well done!


Do YOU have a classic or antique vehicle? We would love for you to share your story with us!


My fav!
~~~ Dot ~~~

Dot ~

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  1. Thanks for sharing the photos of the car show with us, Dot. You brought back fond memories of the many cars we’ve owned over the years. We’ve had a few of the ones you took photos of but no Hupmobile or Model T on our list.

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