Vintage Picks Of The Week – Bearing My Heart In My Hand

Vintage Picks Of The Week

It’s time for our Vintage Picks of the Week! We scour the internet looking for just the right piece of vintage to add to our decor and include ideas on how we think these pieces could be used.

Today’s picks are brought to you by Linda at Selective Salvage

Antique Wooden Glove Forms

What I Like About It: I am an unabashed people watcher and my favorite group to watch are those who talk with their hands. Even from across a crowded room, you can fill in the blanks on the story they are telling without hearing what their lips are saying. 

Small wonder this hand-some group of antique hands spoke to me.  Oh the stories they could tell about the hands that were warmed by the gloves they helped create.

How I Would Use It:   As a sculptural accent on a mantel or shelf in my living area. Primitive, industrial or cottage style, whatever your decor, these glove forms would provide the perfect conversation piece.  

Antique Wooden Glove Forms available from “Lost Found Art”


“Flying Into Magic Love’ Magnets

What I Like About It:   I have collected hearts since I was a child.  As a symbol for love and unity, hearts with wings seem even more special. 

How I Would Use It:  I own several pieces of Kathryn’s fanciful work. These magnets adorn my refrigerator and make something as mundane as a grocery store coupon look good. 

Metal Folk Art Magnets available from Kathryn Arnett on Etsy



Fraternal Lodge “Heart in Hand” Axe

What I Like About It:  The “heart in hand” combination of two of my favorite things is a pictorial reminder of charity given from the heart. It has been used as a symbol for the Shakers and Amish sects and the Odd Fellows fraternal organization since the 1700’s. 

How I Would Use It:  If I were fortunate enough to own a fabulous piece like this, I would display it prominently as a reminder that the union of a loving heart and willing hands matter even more in the complex world of the 21st century.  

Lodge memorabilia available from RJG Antiques

So there you have it! My three favorite vintage picks for the week! Make sure to check back to see what items are on the Pick List next week!Hand pointing right | Antique Design Illustrations

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