10 What If’s for Spring


What if: All the spring flowers bloomed at once, and spring lasted all year long?

What if: You picked a handful of spring flowers and made a crown?

What if: You gathered a basket of dandelion greens and included them in dinner?

What if: You made a trip to the zoo to visit all the new animal babies?

What if: You hosted a neighborhood spring get together?

What if: You volunteered to plant flowers at the local community garden?

What if: You adopted an honorary grandparent from your local senior center?

What if: Rather than buying eggs at the grocery, you started a chicken coop in the yard?

What if: You surprised a co-worker with spring flowers for their desk?

What if: Instead of spring cleaning you did a spring refresh of your home?

The best is yet to come! Pam, Vintage Renude

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