Pi Day 2017: make mine Margarita

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pi day chartIf you made a Venn diagram of people who love math best and people who love pie best, today would be the day those two loves overlap. Happy π Day!

Credit for the creation of Pi Day rests with Larry Shaw, a physicist at the incredible San Francisco Exploratorium. In 1988, he organized a parade of sorts followed by pie. It caught on, as cool things often do. Today the Exploratorium celebrates the 30th Pi Day with free admission, a procession to the Pi Shrine and pie.

You can’t use Pi Day as an excuse to take the day off from work even though it is officially recognized by the US House of Representatives. But you can use it as a reason to eat pie, as if a reason to eat pie was needed. To assist with that, we’re digging into the Vintage Unscripted recipe inspiration file…and coming out with two tasty lime pastries from That Lively Lime Twist, a 1983 recipe leaflet from Borden. The Margarita Pie with a pretzel crust is definitely unscripted. Although the recipe calls for tequila and triple sec, it would probably be fine without the first and with a bit of orange extract subbed in as the second. As for the Key Lime Pie recipe, there are hundreds of them out there, but this one is fast and simple.

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