4 punch bowl ideas that don’t involve punch

punch bowl
punch bowl
Jeannette Glass feather punch bowl, circa 1950s

Punch bowls are great concepts. A well designed ice mold, a tasty mix of beverage flavors, maybe some sherbet or something else nice floating about…punch makes quite a statement on the drinks table. But on the flip side, punch bowls take up a lot of real estate in storage. There aren’t all that many times a year you serve punch. How do you justify giving up all that cabinet space to something you don’t use all that often?

The obvious answer is to make your punch bowl earn it’s keep. Use it more. Summon your creative entertaining superpowers and think of ways to make that big old glass bowl and tiny cups more active. We’ve got some ideas to get you started.

Peeps Stew

No cooking required to mix up a  bowl of tasty Peeps Stew. Unless you are serving tons of people, you will probably want to create a false bottom in your punch bowl (a cardboard cake round works pretty well) because even a big crowd can’t eat their way through a gigantic bowl of sugar. Go wild mixing up your favorite Easter candies–jellybeans, marshmallow eggs, mellocreme bunnies and candy coated eggs. Mix them together to make a colorful stew and top with Peeps. Serve with punch cups for nibbling or cello bags for taking home leftovers. (Hint: keep your chocolate treats wrapped in their foil) (Diabolical hint: you could mix in some of the nasty flavored Jelly Belly Bean Boozled beans–but you didn’t hear that from me.)

peeps in cups

Cup o’ Favors

Punchbowls make beautiful centerpieces. Fill’er up with floating flowers or flickering candles. Surround the bowl with cups brimming with a special favor like a vintage hankie and a pair of vintage earrings for your guests. Just don’t let them run off with your cups! 

punch favors

Trifle with your Punch Bowl

There is no rule that says trifles must be made in trifle bowls. You could definitely argue that owning a trifle bowl and a punchbowl is a waste of precious storage space because they can be used somewhat interchangeably. 

Tracey, the food blogger behind My Kitchen is My Playground has a great tutorial for making a Southern Strawberry-Coconut Punchbowl Cake, shown below.

strawberry punch bowl cake

Bountiful Punch Bowl

Fill your punch bowl with pretty collectibles. Stones, shells, glass balls, Christmas ornaments and more. Antiquechase blogger Marcy uses a beautiful thrift sale bowl to showcase her collections seasonally

punchbowl shells

How many other creative things can you do with your punch bowl. Dig it out, chase away the cobwebs and show us your punch bowl style!

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  1. I have a party game for any age. Tape a trivia question to a long ribbon. Tie the other end onto a small prize which is buried in the punchbowl’s contents. Plastic pony beads as fill are inexpensive and the colors could be matched to the party theme such as black for Halloween. If the answer to the question is correct, then the winner can gently pull out the prize. If incorrect the next plater takes a turn.

    I’m actually sorry that I don’t own a punch bowl after this post!

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