Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit!

What’s so funny?!

On the first day of the month I try to say “rabbit rabbit rabbit” upon waking up and before I utter another word. This custom is English and then brought to North America and is said to bring good luck through the month. I find some of these superstitions and expressions charming, funny and downright odd.

Perhaps you may have a few you use. Please let me know them as they have gone out of favor or are completely unknown with younger people.

I do love rabbits in art and collectibles and would love to share some with you.

This colorful chalkware bunny will brighten up your day!
A great folk art piece to hold what-have-you.
A green bunny so sweet and funny!

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  1. What a fun tradition, Mary Ellen. “Rabbit, rabbit” first thing tomorrow sounds like an easy way to ensure a good month. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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