Things We Liked This Week (2/19/17 – 2/25/17)

things we saw

things we saw

Our favorite finds from the internet this past week.

Dot ( – We’re off to the local county fair this weekend! We love our fair! Not too big, not too small and lots of fun and food for all! 

JayDee ( – Knowing how much I like abandoned buildings, my son shared an article he found with me this week. This article is about an entire abandoned town that is being taken over by plants! The photos are really amazing! Check out The Abandoned Fishing Village of Houtouwan. Maybe one day I’ll get to travel there and take my own photos!

Laurie ( –  From the Don’t Try This At Home files: two guys test drive instant cocktail mix from the 1970s found in Gramma’s basement. Hilarity ensues. 

Linda ( –  Oh wow! I had a frog collection in the 3rd grade and would love to have a collection of miniature frogs as a grown up. 

Mary Ellen ( – Enjoy this article about Cats who have left their mark on centuries of books.

Tina( – Trending…new bathrooms designed to look like old bathrooms!  My favorite is the pink and black.  What’s yours?

Pam ( – How amazing are these two? 99 year old runner beats 92 year old I want to be able to do this at their age!

Have you found something on the internet this week that you would like to share? Post the link in a comment below!

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