The General Store: Get The Look

Are you lucky enough to have lived in a time when we had General Stores?

Well, probably not if you are reading this, but I would love to walk you through one as it was back then. General stores were typically found in rural populations of small towns and villages and served the locals as well as surrounding ranchers and farmers. Back in the early days, one could find food and consumables, apothecary items and dry goods, but not much in the way of convenience or luxury items. Do you remember watching shows like Little House on the Prairie where the woman was excited to have a “store bought” dress? Yes, me too.  

I have put together a collection of things you might find in a general store IF there were still general stores 40 to 50 years ago.  

Save the world, buy VINTAGE! Tina@GirlPickers

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  1. Great collection Tina! Oh, how I wish there were more genuine general stores around. We had one growing up I would ride my bike to for the penny candy, and to get the mail (also the post office). Creaky wood floor boards and candy filled glass jars….great memories. 🙂
    Thanks for including my cigar sign!

  2. Yes, I’ve lived in towns with General Stores. Not quite the variety of Little House, but close. I remember walking in and seeing overalls stacked on shelves along the wall, sewing notions in one area and hardware in yet another area. It was all in one store…including the creaking wood floors.

  3. Karen and Mrs A, I completely forgot about the creaky wood floors! Our local dime store, or maybe it was called variety store, and the soda shop had those floors. That brings back a lot of fond memories.

  4. Fun memories, Tina. The general store in the town in South Dakota where my grandma lived had wooden barrels full of candy! I’m sure that’s where I developed my love of candy corn. 🙂

    Looking back on it from the vantage point of an adult, I realize that the owner, Mr. Koehn, was one of the wealthiest men in town. Guess the idea of “one stop shopping” paid off….literally.

  5. That’s funny Linda. Maybe Sam Walton knew your Mr. Koehn.

    I love candy corn too especially when mixed with salted peanuts.

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