Strawberry season is here!

I love February! Not just for Valentines day but for the strawberries! We have always eagerly awaited the coming of strawberry season – I remember growing strawberries as a child with my Granny. So much fun! So delicious! Imagine my surprise (and joy!) when a friend recently brought me a basket of strawberries fresh from the field! 

Basket FULL of yum! Look at the size of these berries!

Now wouldn’t it be lovely if that photo was a ‘scratch n’ sniff’! 


Dot ~

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  1. Living in Arizona, we are fortunate enough to have fresh strawberries from Mexico year round. I consider that one more reason to live here, inspite of the summer. 🙂

  2. Yum!!! I grow strawberries every year and we love them. Sadly, strawberries won’t be here for another 4 months. 🙁 Let me know when you fix that photo to scratch and sniff!!!

    1. When you have yours in 4 months ours will be gone for the year and we will be eagerly waiting for next February! Wonder how much a plane ticket costs for berries…… hmmmmmmm

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