Super Bowl snacks they’ll never see coming

shrimp on parade

Are you a Super Bowl snack traditionalist or innovator? Do you like the same thing every year or do you  strike out in new directions? We’re here to help. We reached into annals of snack history and found some toothsome morsels to delight your palate and amuse your bouche. They aren’t the kind of snacks you might think of today in the Golden Age of Guac* and Nachos, but that there’s something to be said for being unscripted and unexpected. (One guacamole recipe below for good measure.)

From the I Wish I Could Cook comb binding cookbook published by a group of New England Telephone employees in the 1970s. 

Crabbies recipe

How can you go wrong with any appetizer that specifies LIQUEFY in all caps. These recipes come from the Osterizer Blender Spin Cookery Cookbook from 1970, the year the Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl IV.

Good Housekeeping’s Appetizer Book from 1958 has some interesting choices for you. Planetary Frankfurters? Enthusiam for the Mercury Space program perhaps had spread to the appetizer world. Also, something you don’t see on the ingredient list of a recipe nowadays, Meat Roll-Ups suggest adding monosodium glutamate to the filling. 

appetizer recipes

  Again from this little recipe booklet from Good Housekeeping, these tiny fast to make little nuggets of tasty in flavor combinations that are kind of surprising and yet somehow intriguing.

nibbles recipes

And finally, because presentation is everything, Shrimp on Parade. The amount of time and effort put into spearing shrimp and delicately balancing them in all sorts of places on this basket is well worth the time. The effect is quite astonishing.

shrimp on parade

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