The Day The Music Died

day the music died

Today, February 3rd, is National The Day The Music Died Day. “The day the music died” is a line in the 1972 Don McLean hit American Pie and was actually written about Buddy Holly. Today marks the anniversary of the untimely death of singers 22-year-old Buddy Holly, 17-year-old Richie Valens, and 28-year-old J. P. Richardson, aka: The Big Bopper.  These three artists died in an airplane accident on February 3, 1959, near Clear Lake, Iowa

Following are lyrics from the song about that day.

But February made me shiver,

With every paper I’d deliver,

Bad news on the doorstep

I couldn’t take one more step.

I can’t remember if I cried

When I read about his widowed bride

But something touched me deep inside,

The day the music died.


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Richie Valens, a Latino rocker of the 50’s had several big hits — including La Bamba.

Buddy Holly is touted with being the single most influential creative force in early rock & roll. His first hit That’ll Be The Day was with the Crickets.

J.P. Richardson, known as The Big Bopper was an early rock and roll star. He is best known for his 1958 recording of Chantilly Lace.

While we lost three great ones on February 3, 1959, I for one am glad the music didn’t really die that day and I just love the music from that era. But then I really enjoy all music.

What is your favorite era for music?




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  1. My favorite era for music is the 1980s. To me, that seems like the last era of really good raw talent. The music from the 1950s is my second favorite era – good, fun music. It’s always sad when we lose the artists that we enjoy, especially when you know there was a lot more good music to come from those artists.

  2. A terrible day! I was very pleased to get to know them all, on last 1980s thanks to mates listening to Buddy Holly in particular!:) such a Great Era,
    Rock in Peace!

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