Vintage Valentine gifts to make the heart pop!

heart graffiti

When Nick Lowe played it with Rockpile in the late 1970s, it was pure power pop. When he plays it now, it’s a little slower with a soupçon of a reggae beat. No matter how he says it, the lyrics to Heart still capture that weak at the knees feeling of new love.

Heart, why are you pounding
Like a hammer
Heart, why are you beating like a drum
Heart, why do you make
Such a commotion
When I’m waiting for my baby to come

Candy is dandy. And always a popular choice. But to make your valentine’s heart beat like a drum, add a little special vintage something. 

vintage valentine gifts

1 LOVE letters, assorted styles, sizes, colors, materials from

2 Goebel skye terriers from

3 Apple juice Prystal bakelite necklace from

4 Dietz Victor electric lantern from

5 Victorian tin marriage button from

6 Howard Holt ponytail angel candle hugger from Aunt Hatties Attic on Etsy.

7 Adolfo for Saks Fifth Ave felt hat and hatbox from 1006Osage on Etsy.

8 Melted plastic popcorn Cupid from



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  1. I love seeing your vintage picks…Vintage Unscripted always finds such neat gift ideas. What a special treat to be included in your Valentine’s Day edition! Thank you. Now, I think I will go get my dance-on with a little “Heart” on youtube.

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