Storing Vintage Holiday Decorations

Now that the holidays are over, the gifts opened and put away, it’s time to take down and store your decorations for another year.  Many of our most coveted and favorite vintage holiday decorations are heirlooms handed down from older generations or purchased to commemorate special occasions in life. You’ll want to store these in such a way as to ensure they remain intact and in good repair for next year and years to come.

Those vintage ornaments and decorations require a bit more care than just placing them into the box and storing them back in the garage.  Here are a few quick tips to keep you holiday decor in top shape for many more holidays.

Before you put each item away, take a close look at them. Wipe each item down, even if it’s just a quick dusting. Check for any damage, breaks or loose parts, anything that may need a quick repair.  Many vintage items can easily become unglued, or loose over time. Taking the time to do any minor repairs now will save you time and effort next year when you unpack them all again.

Packing those vintage ornaments away properly will also ensure they remain in pristine shape for next year. Before you throw them in a box and forget them for another year, make sure to wrap them well.  Acid free paper will ensure vintage inks won’t fade and some bubble wrap or foam will keep delicate pieces from getting broken.

As tempting as it is to stash holiday decor in the garage, it’s probably not the best place for those delicate pieces of family history. The extreme temperature and  humidity changes can warp older plastics or create mold on vintage fabrics. If you can, find a cool dry place to store your most prized holiday decorations and ornaments. The back of a closet is a good location where your vintage holiday decorations can remain undisturbed until next year.

The best is yet to come! Pam, Vintage Renude

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  1. Great advice Pam! As a seller, i have heard from many that their most priceless treasures were Christmas items that Mom or Grandma used to own which they were lucky enough to inherit. If you have children or grandchildren please think about this while you are carefully wrapping and storing these ornaments and decorations. You are protecting future treasures!

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