What Does the New Year Mean to You?

Usually we write articles about things we are passionate about – vintage, holidays, vintage, friends, vintage home decor, history, vintage, business… But this time, we’re giving YOU the opportunity to write this article!

In the Comment area below, answer this question for us – “what does the new year mean to you?

We look forward to reading YOUR input, and we wish you a Happy (vintage) New Year!


JayDee / ThirdShiftVintage.com

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  1. This new year has me beginning a new life. With the passing of my 50-year husband, I will learn to live without his presence and in the process will gain further insight into myself, my family, and life. Once things settle a bit more, I will also learn to appreciate how all that time together taught me to live on my own.

    Wishing all who read this a happy, peaceful, and exciting New Year!

    A huge hug to VintageUnscripted for all the awesome knowledge they so generously share. Kudos to all of you great women!

    1. Wishing you a peaceful new year Betty. I’m sorry for your loss. I have a feeling your husband will help guide you through this new part of your life. Sending comfort and hugs your way.

  2. Cliche, I know, but it means a new start. The bad that happened in 2016 waaay overshadowed the good. From small things to big, life changing things… from personal experiences to heartbreak or disappointment shared with many.

    Here’s to good times ahead!

    1. Here’s to good times ahead – I couldn’t agree more, Tami! 2017 is a new start, and it will be a good one – I just know it! Cheers to you!

  3. My husband and I will transition from workforce to retired in 2017. It will be a brave new world for us. Looking forward to doing projects around the house, spending more time with friends and family,enjoying each other’s company and especially discovering where the extra time we will have will take us.We have our health, a positive attitude and each other

  4. I don’t find it easy to think about a lot of changes or resolutions in January, which is the dead of winter for those of us in the Midwest. As 2017 begins, I won’t be starting a new diet, tackling some huge unfinished project, or resolving to limit my time on the computer. Instead, I will try to work on some small indoor tasks which were put on the back burner while I made the most of the warmer weather in the spring, summer, and fall.

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