15 Gift Ideas for the Photographer


A click of the shutter,
a crank of the film,
and you’ve caught forever a significant bit of life. ~Willis Peterson


  1. Vintage Photo Album with Photos (ThirdShift) -An album filled with vintage photos is always a conversation piece.
  2. Vintage Cabinet Card (ThirdShift) – Old cabinet cards make great display pieces, perfect for a mantle. 
  3. Vintage Camera (ThirdShift) – Of course, a vintage camera in working condition is a must have for any photographer.
  4. Vintage Camera (GirlPickers) – The stylish look of an old camera makes for a great display.
  5. Camera Tripod (CopperandTin) – Don’t forget the tripod to display those vintage cameras.
  6. Adventures in Outdoor Color Slides (AtticAndBarnTwo) – A book of slides is sure to bring a smile!
  7. Antique Group Photo (AuntHattiesAttic) – So many ways to use or display old photos like this one.
  8. Camera Pillow (InTheSeam) – A bunch of camera pillows is sure to be a favorite gift.
  9. Photo Album Charm (SterlingRevival) – Tuck those precious photos away into a photo album charm.
  10. Antique Camera Lighter (NorthernElectric) – Even if you don’t smoke, a camera lighter is so cool!
  11. Accordion Book Locket (TheHiddenChamber) – For your most treasured photos.
  12. Slide Viewer (ObjectsToCrave) – A perfect piece to view slides before you show them to guests.
  13. Seneca Camera Ad (Phunctum) – A unique gift for anyone who loves vintage cameras.
  14. Folding Camera (Carpebellus) – Whether used for taking photos or for display, a folding camera is delightful!
  15. Metal Print Easel (ThirdShift) – Display your most favorite photos in an easel, used as a frame.


Give the photographer on your gift list a gift they will remember forever.

JayDee / ThirdShiftVintage.com

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