Stick-On Bows? Or No Bows? What is your preference?

Stick-on bows? Or no bows?
What is your preference? Share in a comment below…

I was going through some of the Christmas decorations that my Mom had, and I found several (vintage) bags of foil bows (like in the photo above) that had the “push pins” on the back. Remember those? You would push the bow into the box and the plastic “push pin” held the bow on. Of course, that was before the “peel and stick” bows.

Mom (aka. Santa) used bows on every package, every year. She always had us save all the bows so she could reuse them the next year. And the year after that. And the year after that…

We always took turns opening gifts, and as we began opening a gift, Mom would always say “Save the bow!”. We would carefully remove the bow from our package, then toss it across the room and hope it landed into the bag that Mom held up. Score! Over the years, it actually became somewhat of a “sport” for us to see who could get all their bows tossed into the bag without missing. Ah, those simple pleasures…

Since Mom reused the bows over and over again, we actually got pretty good at recognizing our favorites. Each year they were a little more battered and maybe a little bit flatter, but that didn’t matter – it was still fun to see them again. The bows that were beyond saving (after their 10th or 11th year of being reused), were officially declared “retired” and they made their way into a different bag – the trash bag. In a way, it was like saying goodbye to an old friend. 

When our kids were very young, we started our own tradition of “save the bow”. But even our kids liked Grandma’s bows better.

While Mom now watches us celebrate Christmas from Heaven, Dad still has bags and bags of her saved bows. I really love the nostalgic feeling I get when I see those old foil bows. Hmmm… Maybe I need to use Mom’s bows on our gifts this year (thanks for saving them, Mom).

Christmas at Mom and Dad’s 


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  1. Aaawww. Mom saved our bows too. Wait just a minute and I’ll get you one! Yes, the tradition continues but nope there are no push pin bows in my bag.

  2. Oh my!!! I had totally forgotten about the push pin bows. What great memories you have. We recycled bows then, too. We recycle gift bags now. :o)

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