A Round Up of Vintage Porch Decor for Christmas

Ah… the most beautiful time of the year… it’s almost Christmas! While most people decorate the insides of their homes for the holiday, there are lots of opportunities for decorating your porch or front steps outside as well – a nice way to welcome holiday visitors.

Here’s a quick round-up of some awesome ideas for decorating your front porch, patio, or entry way for Christmas.

Vintage Planters

What do you do with your doorway planters in the winter? Remove the plants and place boxes wrapped as gifts on them for a unique topiary! To secure the boxes from toppling over, place a wood dowel through the boxes into the planter. If you don’t have a covered front porch, use vinyl table cloths as the “wrapping” paper and for the ribbons – a snow-proof solution!



Vintage Buckets

A vintage olive bucket or basket filled with evergreen boughs adds a touch of green to your porch. Put a bright colored blanket or quilt over a vintage thrift store chair, and you’ve got the look!



Vintage Boots

Check out thrift stores for several pairs of vintage rubber boots – it doesn’t matter the condition or the color of the boots. Spray paint them with a glossy red spray paint (yes, spray paint will work), then place boughs of evergreen plants into the boots for a fun presentation.



Vintage Wagons

Vintage red wagons have so many fun uses! Place a wagon on your front porch and fill it with wrapped gifts, evergreen boughs or poinsettia plants, or even a pair of stuffed Santa legs! Vintage ice skates hung on a door and a vintage sled propped again the house add to the festive look!



Vintage Thermoses

Set a vintage crate outside your door, place a pine tree top into an old minnow bucket, then add a couple of vintage plaid thermoses for a rustic and warm welcome – perfect for a cabin.



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