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One of my fondest memories as a child was sitting by the radio with my Grandfather listening to old radio stories on a Friday night. I grew up enjoying the police drama Dragnet, suspense stories like The Shadow and comedy greats Burns and Allen, and Jack Benny. Sitting by the Philco during the Golden Age of radio in the 30’s and 40’s was a family event for my Grandfather, and a love he shared with me. To this day I still enjoying listing to these old time radio stories, only now I have the convenience of streaming them online or by satellite radio anytime day or night. Four generations later, our family is still enjoying this medium, and I am thrilled that I can share this same pleasure with my sons. There is a true joy to sitting cuddled up together and listening to Captain Midnight, The Adventures of Superman, and Hopalong Cassidy and I am over the moon that my sons have the same enjoyment.

radio hosts burns and allen
Radio hosts George Burns and Gracie Allen

Here are some links to places where you can enjoy old time radio stories too:

Radio Spirits is a website where you can purchase old radio shows. You can also find local radio stations that play old time radio shows on their website.

When Radio Was is a nationally syndicated radio show run by Radio Spirits featuring old time radio shows.

If you have Sirus XM you can listen to Radio Classics channel 148

On your mobile phone there are various Old Time Radio apps as well for both Android and iOS. Many of which are free to use.Here are few of them to get you started:

Radio Spirits (Free)

Vintage Radio Lite (Free)

Vintage Radio ($3.99)

Old Time Radio streamer (Free)

Old Time Radio shows (Free)

Old Time Classic Radio (Free)

OTR Streamer (Free)


Our guest author, Sarah Gomez, has been a vintage radio fan since 1978.

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  1. Thank you for the links – I really enjoy listening to old time radio as well. I listened every night to Radio Mystery Theater when I was a kid. And I love that I can share these radio programs with my kids. We listen to Radio Mystery Theater every road trip! It makes the time go by quickly, and we really love trying to picture the images the stories bring to mind while we listen. Here is a link to Radio Mystery Theater – – there are over 1,300 episodes! Thanks again Sarah for your article!

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