50 Things to do on Black Friday that don’t involve the mall


  1. Take the kids and go to a movie.
  2. Take the neighbor’s kids and go to a movie.
  3. Play a round or two of miniature golf. No course near you? Invent one. Kitchen chairs make awesome obstacles.
  4. Decorate the house for the upcoming holiday.
  5. Start a large jigsaw puzzle and invite everyone to join in.
  6. Write out, address, and send your holiday cards.
  7. Take Mom to lunch at her favorite restaurant.
  8. Go ice or roller skating with or without the kids.
  9. Bundle up and take a walk on the beach.
  10. Call or visit friends or relatives who can’t get out easily.
  11. Take the dog out to the park.
  12. Make freezer dinners out of all that leftover turkey.
  13. Work for someone that NEEDS to go shopping.
  14. GIVE rather than BUY – to the food pantry, to the local animal shelter etc.
  15. Slow down and rest for the upcoming fast paced season ahead.
  16. Take a bubble bath
  17. Sort your socks and weed out any that don’t have matches once and for all. But what to do with the lonely single socks?
  18. Invite friends over to play a game of Risk. Stock provisions, this might take most of the day but it will be worth it.
  19. Make a flock of origami cranes to leave in unexpected places as an unexpected happy surprise.
  20. Visit a historic site that’s within an hour of your home that you have never been to.
  21. Make a New Years Resolution a month early. There’s no time like when you’re heading into a stressful month to make a small change that makes you feel good about you.
  22. Visit your local nursing home or veteran’s hospital and spread some cheer! While you are there get a list from the staff of the resident’s needs and add a few of those to your shopping list.
  23. Call the local children’s home and get a wish list for one or two of the children. 
  24. If you saved last years Christmas cards – drag them out for the kids to cut up and make ornaments to decorate their rooms. 
  25. Have a bonfire, roast marshmallows, sip hot cocoa, and watch the Leonid meteor shower .
  26. Read aloud. Spoken word is magical.
  27. Organize a Christmas carol flash mob somewhere unexpected. The coffee shop. The library. The Post Office.
  28. Go on a pine cone treasure hunt–see how many different kinds you can find.
  29. Repot your root-bound houseplants.
  30. Make hot chocolate from scratch.
  31. Get your creativity on and make your own Advent Calendar.
  32. Get out one of those shoebox of family photos to sort and organize. There are stories in that box that only you know, and they ought to be shared.
  33. Build a pillow fort. The bigger the better.
  34. Start your paperwhites or amaryllis bulbs
  35. Sort through your closet with someone younger. You might not plan on wearing some of those 80s  gems again, but your younger chum might think they’re crazy cool.
  36. Go to the gym and work off yesterday’s feast.
  37. Volunteer at a local homeless shelter.
  38. Re-gift that sweater that you will never wear to someone in need.
  39. Teach someone something. Like how to crochet, make paper mache, or pottery.
  40. Curl up with a good book.
  41. Gather with friends or family and make Christmas cookies.
  42. Get your gifts wrapped and ready to go under the tree. Challenge yourself to use green and creative wrapping to make the gift extra fun.
  43. Make a gift list if you still have shopping to do. Maybe try using a new to do list app.
  44. Put up your outside holiday decor before the snow flies.
  45. Do some shopping online and avoid the crowds.
  46. Get into your most comfortable clothes, grab a vintage quilt or kantha quilt, some pillows, and binge-watch your favorite television shows. Don’t forget the snacks!
  47. Visit a local art and craft center where you can create pottery, sketch, or paint. Go with a friend or family member, relax, and have fun! You could even use your finished project as a Christmas gift.
  48. Go on a wine tasting road trip! Find wineries in your area, plan a route, and make a day of it. 
  49. Spend a couple of hours at a used or rare book store, browsing through their selection. You never know what you might find!
  50. Do absolutely nothing – you’ve earned it!


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