Autumn – A Time To Frolic at Fairs and Festivals

In the south the best time to get out in the sun and visit fairs and festivals is the fall. The weather has turned a tad bit cooler or at least the humidity is down to the non-wilt level. But autumn is so busy! The beginning of the holiday season is upon us! What to do and which way to turn next?

Sometimes we just need to STOP and enjoy a little getaway. We did just that this past weekend. The weather was just perfect for a nice day spent strolling through a festival in Tarpon Springs. All the little shops were open and the main street was closed and full of vendors with everything from food to high end jewelry, sea shells and art work. A nice way to spend an afternoon! Just as we were about to leave we happened upon a young man (David Ferman) performing comedy, juggling and extreme stunts as he put it. What fun and the perfect end to a happy day!

Wishing you a fun season frolicking through fairs and festivals in your area ♥

David’s website address is here and if you like to laugh, and you get a chance, I strongly suggest you pay his show a visit!

Just a little juggling with knives while I ride this 7 foot tall unicycle!


Can YOU balance a lit torch on your nose? AND tell jokes at the same time?
I confess that I was too busy watching to get a snap of the end of this trick but then that would spoil it for you. 🙂






Dot ~

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