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I love to save money and have ingredients on hand for cooking and baking.  When lemons are a really good deal I plan on using the freezer to keep them. I grate all the zest with a hasp like tool and set aside. Then I juice all the lemons and have several juicers to squeeze as much as I can out of them. I put a healthy pinch of zest into each cell of an ice cube tray and then pour the in juice and freeze.  I then pop these lemon juice cubes out and store them in a zip lock bag and place back into the freezer for lemon juice on my terms. I add zest because it heightens the lemon flavor of the juice. I’ve used these to make hummus, to enhance soups and to make a delicious lemon two crust pie (the recipe is on Vintage Unscripted). Happily saving $$ one day at a time! Whats your frugal tip for lemons?

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  1. Great idea, Mary Ellen! I prefer limes over lemons, and am now going to use your idea for the limes I love. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Light bulb moment! I’m going to zest orange rind and save it in a few teaspoons of water in the ice cube trays to use to heighten the orange flavor in my baking and cooking!

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