The Spookiest Thing That Has Happened To Me

Are you ready for a spooky story? 

With Halloween less than a week away, we thought it would be fun to share our “real life” spooky stories with you. Pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa, sit back, and relax while you read our stories…


Back when I was a young girl, we (mom, granny, a couple of neighbors and myself) decided to have a Séance. Why? No idea – remember I was a kid at the time so I went along with whatever sounded fun and this sounded crazy – but at least interesting. We gathered in the kitchen that night, turned off the lights with the exception of a couple of candles and sat there. Now realize please that NONE of us had any experience with this kind of thing so who knows what we thought we were doing! One of the neighbors started to talk to her deceased husband asking him to talk to her. Nothing. Mom tried talking to my Grandpa. Nothing. I remember thinking that this was going nowhere fast, what a bust! The other neighbor asked (in general) if there were any spirits around at all and was anyone listening. A faint rustle in the kitchen curtain sent my heart racing. (No a/c at the time so the windows were open.) I laughed nervously and was shushed. Mom tried again – just speaking in general to no one in particular.

“Are you there?” – A candle flickered curtain_window

“Who are you?” – The curtain rustled again

“Can I speak to my daddy?” – A soft wind blew in the window

………..we waited……….. (I swear at this point I was scared to death!)

“Daddy?” (Mom says) – Another soft breeze

(Granny says) “Jones! Speak up!” – A candle goes out, relights, and goes out again.

“Daddy?” (again from Mom) – A hard COLD breeze blows in the window. I screamed and a neighbor switched the light on.

I will NEVER forget that! Something/someone made that cold breeze and what made THAT so odd is this happened during the SUMMER in Florida.

Too bad we didn’t have use my cousin’s Ouija board instead!

Dot, AtticAndBarnTwo and


I’ve had many spooky, unexplainable things happen to me – ever since I was about 5 years old. Starting at a young age, I just “knew” certain things. I would have a feeling that something was going to happen, and then it did. For example, I would have a feeling the phone was going to ring, and immediately after having that thought, the phone would ring. I would have a feeling that someone was coming to our house to visit and would tell my family, and sure enough, that unexpected visitor would arrive.

My family all know this about me, and since they have witnessed these things first hand, they are no longer shocked by it – they just think it’s kind of cool.

When we first built our new house and moved to the country, our nanny still lived near our old house and was making a 3 hour round-trip commute each day to our new house. Ultimately, her and her husband liked the area so much, they bought an old farm house not too far from our new house. Once they got everything moved in, they invited my husband and I, and our kids to see their home. While the guys all hung outside checking out the barns, our nanny gave me a tour of their home.

untitled-design-13Her and her husband had some work they wanted to do on the upstairs floor, so they were not using that space yet as livable space. When we went upstairs, there were two bedrooms. The first bedroom we went in was what they hoped would eventually become the master bedroom. The second, and smaller bedroom, was what they were planning on using for a child. As soon as we entered that room, I had an immediate reaction to the room – something I had never experienced before (even with all the other strange things I’d experienced since I was a kid). As our nanny was talking about her plans for the room, I barely heard her. Instead, I just stood there with a feeling of happiness, yet sadness at the same time. My skin felt almost “electric” – kind of like it was buzzing – strange as that may sound, but it’s the only way I can describe that feeling. It was overwhelming! I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. I had the urge to leave that room immediately, but just as strong a desire to stay there. When our nanny saw that I wasn’t paying attention to what she was saying and was just standing there, she asked me if I was okay. I told her about the overwhelming feeling I was having and that I was having a hard time processing this feeling. I told her that part of me felt an enormous amount of joy being in that room, and the other part of me felt so sad – really sad. I was sort of laughing and crying nervously as I was telling her what I was experiencing. She thought it was really odd, but she too, knew about the uncanny way I had of “knowing” things. She asked me point-blank “do you feel anything evil in this room?”. I assured her I did not – only overwhelming joy and sadness. It was such a strange and strong sensation and it was making me very uncomfortable. I finally left the room. As soon as I did, that “electric” feeling in my skin stopped, as did the joy and sadness. We went outside and I asked her if she knew anything about the previous owners. Unfortunately, she didn’t. The house had been sitting empty for almost 8 years. The previous owner, an man in his 90s, had passed away 8 years ago and with no one left in the family to inherit the home, it had been put up for sale and had sat that way for a long time. Empty.

Curious to learn more about the house and it’s previous owners, our nanny and I did some exploring through old country records, and had talks with some neighbors who were long-time residents in that small community. We found out that the man who lived their previously had never married. He grew up in that home along with his sister and their parents. He had moved out as a young man, as did his sister, but he continued to help farm that property. When their parents passed away, he moved back into that house. His sister had health issues and had never married. Because she needed care, she too moved back in to that house with her brother. She was bedridden for a long time, only able to get up to sit in a chair. The local church community helped care for her while her brother was farming. The brother and sister lived together like this for a very long time. The sister ultimately died – in that house. In that room. Her room from when she was a child. According to the people we talked to, her room was on the side of the house that looked out across the property toward the road, overlooking the flower garden. For most of her days, she would sit in a chair in her room, just looking out the window. Visitors would pick flowers from that garden and bring bouquets to her to enjoy – she apparently really loved the garden. The brother lived there alone for several years before he passed away (in a nursing home). While we have no way of knowing this for sure, I really believe that I was “feeling” her in that room. Her joy of the view she had out that window, and perhaps of her sadness of being unable to go outside and enjoy it in person.

While odd and unexplained things still happen to me on a regular basis, I have not experienced a feeling like I did that day in that room. It was a very new a different feeling for me, and was rather spooky.

JayDee, ThirdShift and


Remember the story of the Olympic Torch I wrote about in an “Our Unscripted Lives” post? (If you don’t, check it out before you read on because that was actually the beginning of an ongoing spooky story in my life.)  My friend, MG, was presented with the torch she ran with in the race with the caveat that she needed to burn the rest of the fuel off before she stored it. The two of us decided a “torch burning” party would be fun and so we invited a few of our friends who were also involved in a critical IT project at the company to join us that evening.  As we drank wine and watched the torch flame burn, the talk naturally drifted to “Larry,” the clueless CIO, and what could be done to get around his ridiculous demands that were threatening the project timeline. I made a comment in passing that perhaps we should invoke the “power of the torch” and collectively wish that the CEO would come to his senses and fire him. A little more wine and a fairly desperate situation at work led us all to conclude that was a great idea!

Operating under my admonishment that the power could be used “only for good, never for evil”, we held a moment of silence with all six of us wishing my toss-off comment would come true. That was a Friday night. Monday morning I arrived at work and was summoned to the boardroom along with two of my torch burning friends where we learned Larry was gone, effective immediately. (We had an even bigger party that night.) The word spread like wildfire around the company that day that I was indirectly responsible for Larry’s removal.  I was quick to give the torch full credit and to remind everyone that the fuel was gone which meant the opportunity to easily affect positive change in the future was gone, as well.

Voodoo Doll
Do you believe in magic?

The next morning when I walked into my office, I spotted a gift box on my desk with a note reading “only for good, never for evil”.  It contained a voodoo doll, very similar to the one Third Shift has listed in her shop.  The words pre-printed on my doll ranged from “nose hair” and “IRS audit” to “kittens” and “win the lottery”, both ends of the mojo spectrum.  Over the past 20 years, I have added many of my own statements, as the situation warranted. Things like “sell the house,” “find new job,” “good test results,” “get scholarship” and “be well” are just a few of the ones I’ve written. Some were work related (“land a new client,” “end UPS strike”) and others were added on behalf of the people in my life. When I look at the doll now, I realize it is literally a diary of times where people I care about needed a little help.  In case you are curious, I’m happy to report that WAY more often than not, the magic of the voodoo doll worked, as requested. 

Now that I’ve retired, the doll is taking it easier too. His abilities are most in demand in the sales world, with home sales being an area where he seems to excel. Ask our fellow Vestie EightMileVintage about my voodoo doll’s prowess in that area. Based on his help with the sale of her Mom’s home, she too is a believer.

Whether you believe in magic or the power of mind over matter, I know we’d all be better off if the mantra “only for good, never for evil” was the way of our world.  

Linda, SelectiveSalvage and


Our Old House in Central Massachusetts Some say I bear a strong resemblance to the woman...
Our Old House in Central Massachusetts. Some say I bear a strong resemblance to the woman…

In 1984 we fell in love with a 1770s antique center chimney cape in central Massachusetts. Before we made the offer, our friends (Dale of BlueBarnCollectibles and her husband) encouraged us to ask if there were any ghosts in the house. The seller said yes, but they never had any problems. We did purchase and on the day we moved in, I said out loud “Ghosts, we are moving into this house with you, do not frighten us and I promise we will not make you leave.” We lived happily in that house for 21 years and were never frightened outright. We did experience some paranormal activity. One night I was working on a project on the second floor when I hear a knock on the front door. I knew Paul was downstairs and heard his footsteps going to the door, the door opening and a brief conversation took place and then the door closed. I called down to ask who was at the door and what did they want. He said he was sitting there reading quietly and heard NOTHING. Neither the TV nor radio was on! That was my first experience with the ghost(s). I often would come home at night from my job and thought Paul was watching TV in the bedroom two rooms away because of the muted conversation taking place. When I get to the bedroom, he’d be fast asleep and the TV was off. This happened often to me and I know he had difficulty believing this until one night HE heard it! It was a very comforting sound of conversation with muffled words – if you were a child falling asleep while the grown ups talk you might get my meaning and not be frightened at all. We sold that house to build a passive solar, energy efficient retirement house on a parcel that abutted our old house’s land and see this house daily. Gosh we miss those fireplaces!

Mary Ellen, AuntHattiesAttic and AuntHattiesAtticVintage


I had recently moved into a 1920’s Spanish duplex when I realized I had a ghost.  I noticed her squatting on the floor up against the wall opposite the bathroom door.  She was old and frail and very tiny. Her name was Mary. Mary would watch me through the mirror on the bedroom wall that gave her a straight shot down the long hallway.

Just when I thought perhaps she was only my imagination getting out of control something happened to reassure me that I was not in fact just seeing things in my mind’s eye.

One night I had a friend over and as he walked back from the restroom he casually asked “You have a ghost don’t you?” I replied, “Yes, I do.” And he responded that it was a woman in the hallway across from the bathroom door. So now I knew it wasn’t just me. Since I had never mentioned Mary to him, there was no way he would have known about her prior to that night.

I asked my landlady about the history of the house since she lived next door. She somehow had been passed down all of the original history on the house since it was built in 1920.  There was no record of Mary in any of the papers. The house had been owned by a family who once had opened up the wall to make the duplex a single family home but had since restored it to the original configuration.

Since the house had hardwood floors it was my habit to sweep from front to back every week, moving the furniture as I went along. Lots of dust bunnies, but nothing else really until the day I moved out. As I moved the bed to sweep the floor like I had done every week since I lived there, I noticed something under the bed. It was a funeral program from a nearby cemetery in remembrance of a baby girl who had died many years ago. I never did learn who Mary was or whose the baby girl was, but I will always remember them both.

Pam, VintageRenude and



What was the spookiest thing that has ever happened to YOU?


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  1. I too can attest to the power of Linda’s voodoo doll. I sent her a note requesting help when we listed our rental house for sale. It was listed on a Wednesday and we had our first offer on Friday. We accepted the second offer on Monday – Halloween appropriately enough – and 6 days after asking for that extra little nudge! Of course, come December, we’ll ask for the help again.

    1. He remains at your service, Tina. This is definitely a case of the “only for good” mantra…happy people in a new home…happy landlords moving on. 🙂

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