Six Stars We Lost Too Soon


Six talented musicians who left us…long before their music died

 Eddie Cochran died at 21 in a car crash, 1960 – “Summertime Blues” 
Buddy Holly died at 23 in a plane crash, 1959 – “Peggy Sue
Otis Redding died at 26 in a plane crash, 1967 – “Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay
Jim Croce died at 30 in a plane crash, 1973 – “Time In A Bottle
Bobby Darin died at 37 of a heart attack, 1973 – “Mack The Knife
Harry Chapin died at 38 in a car crash, 1981 – “Cat’s In The Cradle


“Music is forever.” ~~ Paul Simon

Linda /

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  1. Oh, the songs you choose! So sad to have lost those artists so early in their lives. I’m thankful that their music lives on…. I’ll be singing these songs in my head for days now!

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